Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Here are a couple shots from this morning. First is my newest Buddha I got for Christmas and placed temporarily in the new lily bed - that's why the netting is over everything. The deer ate a dozen or so lilies last year - and this bed holds, among other special lilies, Happy-Happy. Can't have that be someone's lunch!
Shot 2 is of the damage done out front from an idiot in his pick-up (I got 4 wheel drive, I can go anywhere!) His anywhere ended when he was almost on his side after he dig his way to the deep drainage hole VDOT dug next to my culvert pipe under my driveway. That is a long way down. God knows what damage has been done to the azaleas out there- the slope from the plants to the road- or I should say to the drainage ditch next to the road - that slope is GONE, roots exposed, etc where he kept backing back hoping to get traction up in my yard. Never happened. Someone had to come and pull him out. This does not show the depth of the tracks his huge tires made.
Maybe he had a good reason for being out in the storm- it was still snowing when he got stuck... our hospital, for example, will send someone, perhaps a state trooper, out to get nurses to cover their shift, but no one is there then to take them home. They are stuck. Not a bad thing for the hospital... you have staff 'on hand' as it were, so husbands had to go get their wives - as one said, if I want any dinner, I gotta go get the cook. Yep, he really said that, followed by a hearty chuckle. I wanted to smack him, but that is another story. Perhaps I need to start another blog called the Bad Buddhist where I can list all my evil thoughts! So, shame on me... anyway, here are a couple more snow pictures!
I still cannot get out thru the snow in the back yard- drifts are too high, and the picture out front- well, it is just too slippery to take a chance.
The snow trucks have been going thru with their plows down pushing the snow and slush and dumping their loads of sand and salt, AND!!!! IT IS 42 DEGREES!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2018


Remember hearing “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth?” Well, this past week-end had me re-evaluate that old saw. I will not go into any details about a couple phone calls I got over the week-end, but  suffice it to say, the essence of both tales of woe were the same – how sometimes helping someone out – or thinking you are helping someone out kind of backfires on you or even the  receiver of your ‘helping.’

            My tale of woe is so insignificant by comparison to what a couple other folks are going thru it almost sounds stupid to tell – but at the time of writing this, I have just come in from shoveling a portion of my driveway. Actually, I worked on it several different times as I finally figured out Frankie was NOT going to get to my little insignificant driveway- and I had to get out to open the church at noon on Monday. I swear, Sunday night I truly did not see how I was going to manage it. But, back to my gift-horse… the boy that cuts my grass got his license a little over a month ago- yep, he is all of 16. He is a good boy, don’t get me wrong. Anyway, he and his future brother-in-law (who also works for me some on week-ends “home” from Liberty) apparently were driving around town pulling into people’s driveways, smashing thru their drifts and packing down their snow with his mighty Tundra, then backing out and ‘zooming” off to the next house. My guess is they were doing all the church members – and even tho I am not a member of their church, still, they look out for me. I yelled NO as they drove and backed back and forth several times making a god-awful ice pack in my driveway. Of course they could not hear me, I was in, they were out… So, my driveway is shoveled relatively clean except for the place where one needs to drive where I have about 3 or more inches of solid packed snow/ice. I can not break thru it with the shovel.

            Then, ‘someone’ offered to help shovel, since her van is parked out there, and so she threw the snow from where her van had to drive onto a different part of the driveway instead of off into the yard or garden, I finally had to stop her cuz she was doubling my work when I had to move the snow that was already there and the additional ‘shoveled’ snow. Sigh.

            Ah, such trivial crap… but when you are 74 years old and in serious pain… it becomes frustrating. All I wanted was to let the early morning sun hit the concrete enough to melt/evaporate enough bare spots that we could get in and out.

As you can see, the road is a packed sheet of snow/ice. Where no one has walked or driven, I am down to the ground or within an 1/8th of an inch of it... all but the tracks should be melted by this evening. It is supposed to get above freezing - 28 now. So... we shall see.

Thursday, January 04, 2018


AS I TYPE THIS- we are having, in layman's speak, a winter snow hurricane... or in the language of meteorologists, a Bombogensis... from Ryan's twitter account:
All day Thursday meteorologists are going to be glued to the new GOES-East satellite watching a truly amazing extratopical "bomb" cyclone off New England coast. It will be massive -- fill up entire Western Atlantic off U.S. East Coast. Pressure as low as Sandy & hurricane winds pic.twitter.com/6M4S3y7… 2 days ago · Twitter

Bombogenesis: What's a 'Bomb Cyclone'? - Live Science  https://www.livescience.com › Planet Earth "Bomb cyclones" or "weather bombs" are wicked winter storms that can rival the strength of hurricanes and are so called because of the process that creates them: bombogenesis. It's a mouthful of a meteorology term that refers to a storm (generally a non-tropical one) that intensifies very rapidly.

One of my favorite weather sites is: https://www.ventusky.com/?p=18.9;-57.0;4&l=temperature. If you pull it up, you will see a wonderful menu that includes wind speeds, precipitation, cloud cover, even the height of waves any place in the world! it is awesome! When I pulled this storm up, I was able to measure the wind speeds out in the Atlantic at 118 mph! That is a Cat 3 hurricane. Good thing is, it was 350 miles off shore, but it still brought us 50 mph winds here on the East Coast - and, for many of us, a foot of snow or more. Can't even guess at the size of the drifts near the open fields. 

Anyway, here are some pics from the safety of my carport which I have shoveled out 4 or 5 times so far to get some seed out to the little birds. 


The van is covered, path shoveled to get seed out for little birds. 10 AM Thurs, Jan 4th, 2018

 Facing south

Snow on the carport - higher than the concrete blocks. The Stand-up garden in the middle of the frame is up on 3 blocks. The path shoveled in ON the carport- 10 AM.
See the snow piled on the Adirondacks - brownish covers.
The bushes here are normally over the roof, but the snow has them on the ground next to the house. In the left side, that rounded bush is Ice Angel, normally more than 15 feet tall, now down to about 5 feet. And this is with the snow blowing OFF most of the trees and bushes!

That weird snow shape, middle frame is the snow piled on my generator, 1 foot on one side going up to 2 feet closer to the building. The camellia taking up most of the frame is supposed to be upright and as tall as the peak of the roof. The snow has the top on the ground. See next pic.
The starving birds - mostly juncos, a female cardinal...
 I was able to stand only a few feet away as they kept eating. I stayed out there as long as I could in the howling wind - my presence kept the black birds- grackles away so the little ones could eat. The next to last shot shows some of the drifts out front, middle and to the right, behind Yule Tide, and another big drift back on the left toward the road. Interesting, the snow blew off Yule Tide but not the camellias in the side or back yards. The last shot the greenhouse wrapped in insulation foam, standing in a foot of snow.
OK, blogger reversed them and won't let me put them back the way I had them. Go figure!


Blogger also keeps making the font smaller - and in the beginning decided to make it all BOLD type. Guess the storm is affecting more than just the weather around here!!!!!

Not sure if this pic will come out - its of Bobbie's 2 dogs playing in the snow this morning. Thanks, Bobbie! (Cody in the back, Gabe front)
Let me know how you made out!
PS, it is still snowing!