Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SCENERY CLASS and Complaints about Blogspot and Live Writer

I AM BEYOND complaining. Live Writer will not allow me to publish anything – it says I don’t have a blogger account, yet, obviously, I do. But, Live Writer will allow me to control the size and placement of my pictures and writing… blogger currently will not. So I needed to publish some pictures for my class on Scenery Making, both for the ones who were present and for those who were not – well, for our records at the Station, too… My frustration knows no bounds!

Anyway, I wanted the class members (ESCC) to have not only a record of a different method of making a type of scenery, but also to note how quickly it can be done and what materials were being used. I realize the post leaves out a lot, but I am not going to worry about that. But the last post would not let me add anymore text after I finished posting the 4th picture. It would only let me add a text box with blue print and I could not remove the underline. Go figure!

I know some of you have complained that I don’t post much anymore, but Blogger has become almost impossible to use. It was sooooo much easier before they “improved” it. As I have often said, Progress often ain’t. So I try to line things up on Live Writer which refuses to publish anything, but I then seem to be able to copy it and paste it over into blogger. It still isn’t perfect, but it is MORE do-able.

So the next post is of some of the class members learning one technique of how to make a waterfall (in a desert landscape) with Tony Picardi teaching using one type of materials and the last picture (and previous post) is also a waterfall – but much shorter version- and a collection pool and dam modeled after the one built by my godson in the Poconos. The Mod Podge had not dried – it has been very wet and rainy here, so after it is dry and I can finish the water area, I will post the final image… For now, the poor area is white but will eventually be transparent.

It was fun to note that Picardi and I use totally different methods to create scenery, and it was fun to be able to contrast them and the time it took to accomplish the different methods, permanence of the materials, drying times, etc. Anyway, this post goes with the previous 2 and I welcome any questions about how to make the scenery you will find at the Train Station or on any of our portable units. See the pictures from the St Patty’s Day Parade, the Heritage Celebration, or Ker Place that precede this post.

If you are in the area, feel free to stop by any Saturday morning from 9 ‘til noon. We are almost always there. Come look at the scenery or play with the trains. Bring your young ‘uns!

SCENERY CLASS at the Train Station

We have been holding a scenery making class at the Train Station the last 6 weeks. Today was our last day. Here are a few of the class members (a couple were absent) watching while co-instructor Tony Picardi was instructing them in some waterfall construction techniques.

SCENERY CLASS-Adding a stream and pool

DSC_0559_01  DSC_0561_01 DSC_0562_01DSC_0563_01

  DSC_0564_01 DSC_0565_01 DSC_0566_01 These are the actual working times- approx. 20 minutes once the form was in place, glued (Elmer's and 5 tooth picks) and dry.
It took about 10 minutes to cut and shape the foam using a hot wire foam cutter.
Drying times - I let the Elmer's glue dry overnight.
Gesso dried about an hour.
Paint dried about a half an hour.
Liquitex Gloss Varnish - about an hour.
Mod Podge, about 2 days - in damp weather.
       Pebbles were added to wet Mod Podge
The grassy areas were also pounded with a wire brush for texture - about 3 minutes.

The next step will be to add trees, bushes, some kids playing in the stream, some animals, probably more actual pebbles glued in several places. Who knows what else I might think of as I go along adding things.