Saturday, December 31, 2016


In celebration of the Season, Rusty got a bunch of his friends together around his Chrismouse Tree. He even tried to get his newest friend, a catnip filled fish, to join in.
First he had to make sure all the Chrissy-mouses were in the right place as the table began to fill with his littlest guests.
The Teacup Yorkie just would not behave!
More guests arrive!

Sit here. Don't mind the Sabra Bear... looks like she's had a bit too much to drink before she got here!
Where's my fishie?????

Ah, there! Make room for my fishie!

OK! Let the party begin! We is all here!

Sunday, December 25, 2016


YOU HUMANS is all alike. No its not about the presents, its about the wrapping! That's the best part! "Specially when ya gots a catnip fishie to hide wif!
We is hid!
Oops, dozed off der in my little catman cave.
Anybody see my fishie? It musta snuck off while I was nappin'...
I serious! I lost my fishie! I upset!
Did it 'scape fru da hole in da paper? I dint make dat hole. Fishie musta.

I guess I gotta post a reward - 2 bags of catnip if you finds my fishie!
Gonna take a nap now.
Maybe fishie be back when I wakes up.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rusty and his Chrismouse Tree

Let me add one here

Need a grey one in here

Where is the blue mouse?

All done! You like?????
OK move it to the table top... I got company coming!

Merry Chrismouse!

Sunday, December 04, 2016


As usual, the train was late - but really late this year. Seems more and more kids are lined up at the more southern stops waiting for their moment with Santa and Mrs Claus. Used to come at 2:30, then 3:30... this year the train rolled in at 4:30. All the pictures outside are processed with the brightness control all the way up as high as it can go. Sorry if it makes the pictures a bit less that clear.
Here are a few of the high lights of this year's Santa Train:
I made it go!!!!!
The caption thingie does not work right, blogger won't let me add any words after I post a picture... I hate blogger! But Live Writer says I don't exist - so what can I do????? Blogger gets more user unfriendly all the time. The improvements - aren't!
So bear with me.
Here are the kids enjoying the model trains while waiting for the BIG train.

Sorry, the pictures are not in the order I wanted... and they either won't move or they disappear altogether.

The Candy Train
Checking out the G Scale train outside.


 Her first Santa visit!

Who are these strange people????? 

Of course I have been good! 
Angels, we have been angels.

Friday, December 02, 2016


A friend just sent me this link and it made MY day! Now I just wish one of my resident possums would stop by so I could try this out!

Do give this a few minutes of your time. OK, 8 minutes, to be more exact... it is guaranteed to take the stress out of your holiday chaos!

This is my possum giving ME a back massage for my birthday.

And a flounder treat after......
(Ah, PITA, I so miss you!)