Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Everything here in Onley is fine - one tree down, landed on power lines but held ‘til ANEC came and cut it down. Lost power for a few seconds. Lots of water in the yard, but then we had almost 9 inches of rain. But, I am far (2 miles) from the coastal communities that got drowned by the high tides and storm surge. Onley in on the "spine" of the peninsula.

Others did not make out so well... several people lost cars in high water, salty water I might add for those of you not familiar with our topography... one friend thinks her house is a loss- water up 2 feet on first floor, windows smashed in on sun porch (waves? wind?) ...a few folks lost boats. Many were without power for long periods of time, a few still out as of this writing. But, all in all, the shore made out better than places to the north.

I do really appreciate hearing from some of you, thanks for the pictures, Bobbie (Girl Bobbie) and to know you are all right. Would love to share your story and pictures...

And thanks for all the phone calls Bobby (Boy Bobby)...

In fact I got over a dozen phone calls from folks making sure I was OK. I really do appreciate it! I was reminded of what wonderful friends I have.

Thanks for the emails, also.

For pics of the shore, you can check out and

you might be surprised who you will find on here, or who you will read about! I found you, Tiger, mentioned. Did you guys lose your cars?

Those of you off-shore folks, let me know how you made out. If you have posted on facebook, sorry, I have not been on fb for a good month... just too busy!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

RUSTY and DUSTY (Charlie’s angels-not)

I believe several weeks ago I mentioned 2 little kitties someone left on a piece of Charlie's land. We took the little boys to Uncle Barrett’s to get their shots, then I made arrangements to have them “tutored” at the Neuter Scooter on the 26th. Both Rusty and Dusty are very lovable. They are happy sitting in whatever lap is handy, and they also tend to try to get in people’s cars. They don’t seem afraid of anything. Charlie, who claims to be a dog person, is actually quite taken with the little fellows and can often be found sitting in his old rocker in his shop with one or both in his lap. DSC_1995

Dusty seems to be a home-body, Rusty is the more adventurous, apparently not at all shy about going in any open door. One day last week-end he disappeared. We were sure someone had picked him up and had taken him home. Charlie walked around the neighborhood knocking on doors asking if anyone had seen the little orange cat. Oh, yeah, folks had seen him. But no one knew where he was.

Then, one day I went into the Post Office – well, I go in there every day, actually – and one of the girls there asked me about a little cat her husband had brought home. They had kept him for 3 days. I asked if he was orange? Yep, she said – and there he was curled up in the chair at the Post Office. Michelle had put a notice up on the bulletin board and was getting ready to call the lost pet service at the radio station. It was Rusty. Oh, my I was so happy to see that little boy! (And I bet Michelle was kinda sad to watch him go!) I took him back to Charlie's and headed off to Wal-Mart to buy them collars so folks would know they belonged to someone. DSC_1997

Apparently Rusty had been going into Dr Bundick’s office every time the door opened and made himself at home on which ever lap was handy! He even tried to get in several of the patients’ cars. Bundick really did not want another cat and certainly did not want one in his office, so he asked one of his patients to please take him home. That was Michelle’s husband.

Charlie is keeping them inside – after all, their “tutoring” has been paid for and will take place on Friday. Then we need to keep them confined for another week ‘til they heal… in these pictures, you will see they have a heated “bedroom” like Spook and Punkin, but it has not been cold enough for that to be turned on. Rusty really likes his little cloth cat house… Dusty prefers Charlie’s chair.DSC_1992 This is a picture of Charlie pretending he is not a cat person!DSC_1998 DSC_2000

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


As some of you might know, I have had a rough several weeks dealing with numerous obligations and an unexpected monkey wrench being thrown into the mix. Life does that every once in a while to keep us on our toes. Then, too, it is that time of year when it is finally cool enough to do things outside and the list of usual fall chores gets doubled by the extra things that need to be done THIS year, like scraping and painting the Adirondacks, cleaning out Studio East… and my Saturday’s are usually spent at the Train Station trying to be useful but mostly being frustrated by an uncooperative body. How I hate being so slowed down, but I have been having to deal with muscles that just totally freeze up and to try to move them is excruciatingly painful.

But, in the midst of all this chaos and confusion I had a day of sunshine…I had company… and it was such a joy! Fellow Blogger Ginnie (from NC) and I have been “friends” for several years and have often talked about getting together, but schedules and distances just never seemed to work out. Actually, we often talked about meeting when I would be in PA and she would be on her way up to visit family in NY. Then, a friend of Ginnie’s decided to come to VA, and it all worked out. Bonnie had a small sculpture to pick up at Turner’s here in Onley! How cool is that?!? We had a wonderful visit and one I hope we can repeat.

 DSC_1897DSC_1898 DSC_1900DSC_1903

These shots are down at Turner’s Studios… that handsome young man is David Turner. You can visit their gallery at

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thursday, October 04, 2012


WHAT IS GOING ON? I know I am not all that techyfied, but this is rediculous. I no longer seem to have any control over where blogger puts any pictures, sometimes even where my words end up... A perfect example is the mess on the SPOTS blog... pictures got joined together and I could not separate them or I had pictures of ceiling repairs in the middle of the Santa Train. I could not separate the batten picture from the French doors. Even tho all the pictures were marked to go in the center, they went wherever they wanted, it seems. I might have to see if I can figureout live writer again... but that got all screwed up when I bought this new computer and I have not used it since. It doesn't seem like anyone else is having any problems... is it just me?