Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The other evening while doing dishes (my dishwasher is attached to my arms) I noticed a little activity out by the compose pile. Sure enough, my resident raccoon was out there, and then I noticed a bit of movement behind the lilies. The fox was checking out what we had had for supper.

  DSC_0155_01 DSC_0156_01 DSC_0157_01 DSC_0158_01 DSC_0159_01 DSC_0161_01

The fox was so intent on eating, i was able to get pretty close.

We call the raccoons Coonie-bears as a way of reminding the kids that raccoons are actually members of the bear family. And for those of you who have never seen a gray fox – here she is. The purple flower is sage. The pink one is a young azalea.

Monday, May 18, 2015


OK, here they are. These are just the spring blooming azaleas. The ever-blooming azaleas had not started yet… they are starting to bloom now. The azaleas and the redbud bloom at the same time. These shots were taken 2 weeks ago.

DSC_0121_01  DSC_0118_01

Some friends brought me a couple truck loads of ‘shatters” – the Eastern Shore name for the long pine needles that cover the ground on much of the Shore.

DSC_0119_01  DSC_0120_01

John (Deere) and I carried loads of shatters around to mulch the acid loving camellias and azaleas.

DSC_0125_01 DSC_0134_01 DSC_0135_01 DSC_0138_01 DSC_0137_01   DSC_0144_01DSC_0143_01 DSC_0145_01 

DSC_0142_01DSC_0139_01 These last 2 shots are the new Meditation Garden I started last year. This has both spring azaleas and fall blooming azaleas. The winter was hard on it… killed several newly transplanted camellias and stunted the growth of the new azaleas. But, Buddha is happy… this is good.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll around my garden. Next, currently blooming peonies and iris and whatever else is blooming tomorrow morning. ENJOY!


OK, OK, I know I have been unbelievably busy… and yes, I must admit, I am slowing down. A lot. SIGH. But I promised several of you pictures from the yard this spring. This has been a very different spring… the winter stretched itself out longer than usual and colder than usual, so that meant camellias that normally bloom in the winter – start in December, actually, were blooming at the same time as the later spring camellias. It made for an exciting spring but a bleak winter. I am used to having fresh flowers on my table just about all winter long. Anyway, here are the plants in the order in which they bloomed. Some of the shots are more to show the size of the bushes than to brag about the beauty of the blooms. And many of the blooms this spring were tinged with just a hint of frost bite – but it took a real close look to notice it.

DSC_0095_01  DSC_0096_01  DSC_0097_01  DSC_0098_01  DSC_0099_01 DSC_0100_01  DSC_0101_01  DSC_0103_01   DSC_0104_01  DSC_0105_01  DSC_0107_01   DSC_0108_01 DSC_0109_01  DSC_0110_01  DSC_0112_01 DSC_0113_01 DSC_0114_01

So there you have it… these were taken one month ago. did I mention I have been busy? OK, next, the azaleas a couple weeks later. Note - PP= Pink Perfection, 2 variations I and II.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Last week-end we had our 5th Annual Plant Sale – and Bake Sale to raise money to keep our little Station running. It was a roaring success! We had our sale the day before Mother’s Day and helped a few guys with the problem of what to give to Mom.

DSC_0149_01 It is the perfect time of the year to have a Plant Sale… Last year we had a few azaleas left over so we happily planted them in front of the building. We didn’t have any left over this year!

The trailer was full by Friday night and we still had another truck load to come in Saturday morning.DSC_0150_01

Set up began in the fog at 7 AM… It was with delight as I got to see the trucks and cars with their trunks filled with beautiful plants rolling down the road. Even better, I will get to see most of our plants as they grow here in town. DSC_0151_01 The fog soon cleared, the gnats briefly came by for breakfast, then the sun came out just enough to make for a beautiful day (and chase the gnats away!).

A HUGE thanks to all who helped us in setting up, donating plants, baked goods, their time, muscle power in moving tents and tables, and donating their time helping customers.

Thank you!