Sunday, May 07, 2017


IT WAS ONLY an inch and a half spread out over 3 days, but a slow gentle deep soaking rain does amazing things. The peas were a little over a foot tall a week ago - but they are now 3 feet tall... and not at all photogenic.
The Beans popped thru the dirt and started unfolding their tiny leaves.
I can almost taste them! Those 3 things, top, right, are romaine plants after 3 days - an inch and a half of new lettuce!
 The netting hoops arrived and one set is in place over the new blueberry plants - but I have not had the time to put the net on yet.
No berries this year anyway. But it will keep the deer from eating the plants. Until I get the net on the hoops, the flags will keep the deer away.  Right now, Spook thinks it is a new bed for him!
Along with the hoops, I ordered a sidewalk from amazon.
Yep, you read that right. Nice big blocks 16"  that I can carry and move because they are plastic. Instant sidewalk. Other big advantage - weeds won't grow and I can walk on them and not get muddy. I have since straightened them... need to dig up a daffodil in the middle where you can see a space, but the body is not up to it just yet. The coral bells survived another winter... color did not come out too great, but it gives you an idea.
 So, this has been a busy week... I am most grateful for the rain, the garden is, too! Next - pix of the peonies.