Sunday, February 19, 2017


I HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING WITH BLOGGER - and so far, blogger has won. So, I will try again especially since so many of you have complained that I "don't blog anymore." Well, I do - but then I get messages that say I cannot publish because of some unnamed error. SIGH.

So, last week, I did a long post of the garden... my escape from the chaos of trump... and an escape from my health problems... but nada. Error messages each time. So, I will try again. Last time I wrote:
Yep, it was warm out sitting in the sun. I sat with my shirt open to expose as much skin to the free vitamin D as possible. I believe in the healing power of sunlight – and, as some of you know, I have been a bit under the weather. “Strep throat,” the Dr said.

“Should have bought stock in Kleenex,” my broker said.

My voice was so deep even the cat cocked his head when I spoke to him. “Who is that?” he said.
Its pretty bad when your cat cocks his head at your voice.  But, that was last week... I am better this week, have one more day on amoxicillin, and am grateful I bought a Super Pack of Kleenex at Sam's last month. My sinus's are still, um, active (?) I guess you could say. But, the sun is shining and it is already 60 before 9 AM. I will spend as much of the day outside as possible soaking up the free vitamin D as possible - and getting a start on the springtime chores. But first I will share what is blooming in the garden, starting with the new daffodils I planted last year in the Meditation garden. I am excited to see how many came up - I planted a few hundred here, around a hundred at the Town Garden, and gave another hundred or so to the Baptist Church for their new garden area. It is right next to the road so the whole world (!) can enjoy the daffies as they drive by. More my gift to the traveling public than the church, actually.

And some camellias.
Aunt Alice
I found a NEW one! next to the propane tank. I have no parent plant like it.
The heavy snow bent this18 foot tall camellia over. Maybe it will straighten itself up???

OK, I need to see if this publishes... and head on outside and not waste the 60+ temps today.