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Kid’s room under construction A handicap ramp Something for all ages

______________________________________________________________________________ SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION



VOL. 2, NO. 1 ONLEY, VIRGINIA October 1st, 2014


Construction Status

Thanks to the very generous grants from the Town of Onley, the Eastern Shore Community Foundation, Wal-Mart, the Tom E. Dailey Foundation, the United Way Campaign, and the strong contributions from our members, we continue to turn this sweet station into the jewel in Onley’s crown. Much remains to be done, but we have come a long way since our last newsletter.

With the enthusiastic help of our board and other members, we have now completed the inside of the original station. Three train layouts are up and running in “O” , “HO” and “N” gauge in a beautiful heated and air conditioned space with wall paintings and scenery enhancing the trains.

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Laying HO Track Placing scenery A busy Saturday Measuring

A 12 X 22 foot addition has been added to the south end of the station. This 264 square foot addition provides a multiple purpose space for the 3-8 year old children to play with Brio wooden trains and listen to train adventure stories as well as serve as a small local meeting place. An ADA compliant bathroom is almost complete with only the plumbing fixtures and the flooring left to install. The bathroom has a diaper changing station, a toilet with handicap bars and a sink and mirror. Insulation under the main building still remains to be done as does scheduling of the classes and finishing the scenery on the layouts.

Future Plans:

We are very excited to be so close to finishing the construction. We will be holding an open house on November 8th to celebrate and hosting the Santa Train on December 6th.

And as usual, we will have our annual Plant and Bake sale next spring. Be sure to come visit us then!


We are currently talking to the local preschools, elementary, middle and high schools to organize field trips and see if we can help teach American Railroad history to the students. We also want to hold electrical classes and scenery classes to help those interested in building their own layouts. We are looking forward to working with scouting groups and many of our members are Certified Merit Badge Counselors.

We will have open Play with Trains Night when we will be open to the general Public, and will schedule outings for Senior Groups, Church Groups, and Nursing Homes.

As always, we will be open for Santa Train again this year. Mark it on your calendar for Saturday, December 6th. The train usually gets to the Station a little after 2 PM.

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Trains inside and out!

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It was worth the wait to see Santa and the Trains

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Please come and see what six years of work and your generous donations have accomplished. If you are not a member, please consider visiting and joining our Crew. We think you and your children will want to come back again and again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Satire: "New Texas Law Would Require Candidates for Governor to Show Proof of I.Q."

"New Texas Law Would Require Candidates

for Governor to Show Proof of I.Q."

by Andy Borowitz

AUSTIN (The Borowitz Report) — "A controversial new bill in the Texas House of Representatives would require those running for governor to show proof of the minimum I.Q. necessary to perform the duties of the office. If the bill were to become law, every politician in Texas with gubernatorial ambitions would be issued an I.D. card featuring his or her photo, current address, and performance on a state-administered I.Q. test.

Carol Foyler, one of the co-sponsors of the bill, acknowledged that the idea of a minimum I.Q. for candidates was viewed as incendiary in some circles, but insisted that the requirements of the I.D. card were not onerous. “All they have to do is show mastery of simple tasks, such as uttering complete sentences and things of that nature,” she said.

But the bill faces an uphill fight in the House, where representatives like Harland Dorrinson, of Plano, have vowed to defeat it. “I know that the folks behind this so-called bill are well meaning,” Dorrinson said. “But if this had been enacted fifteen years ago, it would have choked off our supply of governors.”


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For the person who wanted pictures to go along with the stories…

Cushings in fog

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I shared this with a Muslim friend of mine and he almost fell off his chair laughing. I confess, it made me really LOL! Woke the cat up!

I am pretty sure I used to date the guy that thought this up. Sounds like him…..

Was just told the picture did not make it to the blog… so I will try it again…