Saturday, July 08, 2006


I have no idea how this picture ended up in a whole separate section in my documents instead of in my pictures with everybody else. Well, I guess I was getting tired at the time I found this pic. I only work on this blog during my "rest" times, but the pictures have to go on all at once and there were a lot of pictures to sort thru - all on old floppy disks. I had them install a floppy A drive in this computer just for moments like this... Anyway, it is one of my favorite PITA pictures... early one Christmas morning.


Takin'pictures said...

That's why I didn't get any presents that year. YOU TRAPPED SANTA !!! and all year I had tried to be very good boy, too. Did you take my red truck out of his bag?

possum said...

Silly, that's not SANTA, but it is one of the elves... did you run over the elf that had your red truck?

And I won't even comment on you being a good boy!!!!!!! Yeah, right!

Takin'pictures said...

Sorry, I have it on good authority that Santa actually does look like "a possum dressed in red with white fur trim" but Clement Moore knew "A Night Before Christmas" would never sell if he wrote "He had a pointy-nosed face and a long scary tail and I blanched when I saw him and my face went all pale". The eight reindeer part is true though.