Sunday, January 07, 2007


THE WINTER GARDEN - January, 2007

Well, the first week of January has almost been down-right toasty! Saturday, January 6th, it got up to 74 degrees here on Possum Lane. I even sat out on my Adirondack chair (the one I haven’t gotten around to putting in the barn) in a t-shirt and got some rays! It was almost hot in the sun! I guess that would seem normal in some parts of the country except I live on Virginia’s Eastern Shore!

This is Aunt Alice, one of my favorite camellias.

It has been great to have windows open and to work out in the yard without a jacket on.

I know we have had warm days before in January, but this seems to have set a record for December and January – something like 24 or more days of continuous above temps. So, I decided to put a few pics on here of some of the other flowers in the “winter garden” and not repeat the same camellias or pansies that have just been on here.

I will include several different pics of Aunt Alice, as all her blooms are different and I can’t decide which is the most beautiful.

The pansies will improve if the weather stays warm enough. Some of them are just getting started, as you can see. They have only been in the ground less since Christmas Eve.

Soon, just wait and see, the pansy garden will blow you away!

Thanks, Bobbie, for the pansies!

FuzzButt’s grave. Her golf ball is fading, but is still there. Sometimes Spook will play with it and bat it around the yard.

The Saint Francis garden sure doesn’t look like much in the winter! But, just wait till spring!

I planted many of the camellias along the edge or just in the edge of the woods – or what was woods before we had to cut all the pine trees down. Finding them blooming away this time of year is like a big totally unexpected surprise.

The daffodils are up about 7 inches, but that doesn't make a very exciting picture.

If I could add sound, I would have the sound of peepers on here. They have been peeping for several weeks, now.


Wildflower Cabin said...

What beautiful flowers! They are all so colorful! For Christmas, my dh gave me a pale pink camelia, my first one. I've so missed the one my mother used to have at the old family place, and he found me one that looks very close to it. I can't wait to plant it. It has a few tight buds on it. We are having a cold spell...snow last night & today, and predicted very low freezing temps tomorrow. When I long for a view of warm sun, I'll visit your blog again. Right now the snow is fun! :o)

hiphoppe said...

"Aunt Alice" is beautiful as are the pansies. This is my first year for pansies and Sylvia planted them in pots that are on the deck. I really enjoy them and it amazes me to watch them perk up after the frost.