Friday, March 09, 2007


Spring, where are you??????????????

With the snow gone but temps still in the 20s in the morning, the poor little daffodils are struggling to really open. They have been sitting at half-mast all week... waiting.

Crocus are popping up here and there. That's promising...

The pansies are also making a brave effort.

The weather people are promising a real warm up... 50s this week-end, maybe even a 60 by the middle of next week. I explained all that to the plants this morning... not sure it did any good.

I won't even take any pictures of the camellias, they look so pitiful. They try to bloom and then get zapped by the cold again the next morning. Maybe next week will be better!

And maybe next week the grackles will move on to somebody else's feeders! They are consuming close to 5 pounds of seed A DAY! I decided to just let the feeders sit empty for a day or two and maybe they would go away... but the cardinals sat on the empty feeders and looked and looked. sigh. Like spoiled children they are. And, of course, I am convinced they were looking right in this window with that starved baby look asking me where the heck the food was!
We counted over 100 grackles here on Tuesday. Will someone remind me why I feed the outdoor cats? Is it not their job to do a bit of policing around here? They know who "lives" here and belongs here, and the Grackles are not among the residents on Possum Lane.
OK, OK, before any birdie-folk get their pants in a bunch - my cats do not really bother the birds, they barely even notice them anymore. I lose more birds to the resident Red-tail hawk than to the cats - and even to my windows which you would think are dirty enough the birds would never get confused and fly into them. They would never use my house for that Windex commercial! If spring ever gets here, maybe I will get my windows washed. Ya think?

NEWS FLASH! I have, I think, found a way to keep the grackles off the feeders - all I have to do is pick up a camera... or even just reach for it - and they are gone. Until I put the camera down... sigh.

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