Thursday, October 18, 2007


The cooler days of fall are here. No, they are not cold, but the air conditioner is at rest, plug is pulled, breaker switch box turned off. That, of course, means yard work time. Groan! Actually, I love working in the yard – I just don’t know how to pace myself as well as I should. I got another 2 tons of mulch dumped out front the other day, and I am grateful, but it is a chore for me to move it all. I am also grateful for the little tractor and wagon as I would never be able to walk all that much mulch to the places that need it.

I have another wagon – the best $50 I ever spent, though that was years ago – 15 at least. I often sit on it to do my weeding, but it has been known to tip over when I get too close to the edge. It will carry 3 flats of pansies, gardening tools, gloves, water bottle, you name it, any place I need those things and then give me a place to sit! The new ones cost a bit more and are 1/3 the size of my wagon. ONE THIRD! I saw them unloading a couple cartons at the Garden Center the other day with the words AMES PLANTER WAGON on the big box – the box was the size of my wagon and I got all excited. I thought it would be great to have a new one, the old one is, well, feeling its age… Can you imagine my dismay when the girl cut the box open and there were three wagons in that box instead of one? That was when I headed up to the John Deere place and bought a BIG wagon to go behind the tractor/mower I got from them this summer. The old wagon can carry some heavy loads. It helped me move my new Buddha I got for my birthday from my van to its current resting place until I figure how to get some rocks to give it a better place in the woods. We don’t have rocks here. I have had to bring all my rocks down from Pennsylvania. This is one of the stone walls up back behind our house in PA.
It will seem very strange to buy a pile of rocks and pay someone to bring them to my house. The Old Buddha still sits out back. I will probably have to move him next year as his stump is really deteriorating quickly.
Anyway, I over did the wood chip/mulch shoveling and planted 8 flats of pansies all in one day. Not real smart. So I am finishing the weeding and planting from the walker.
It, too, has a seat. And wheels, and seems to be pretty tough. It hasn’t dumped me yet. I have learned to use it when I watrer the garden rather than stand for an hour or two. That has been a big help tho it probably looks a little silly from the street! Well, who cares?!?!


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Love your Buddha. Yours looks so serene, , , ,I have a happy buddha that cheers me up whenever I see him.

Your garden does seem like a lot of work.

You need to pick up rocks whenever your travel. Remember the movie in which Lucille Ball filled their travel trailer with rocks!

I live in the land of rocks, water and forest.

Rachel said...

You have been sooo busy with all that work!! The pansies are lovely though. You truly enjoy your garden and your work in it. It is very inspiring!!

ancient one said...

Who cares what people think... Sit on your walker or wagon as needed...LOL

Your gardens are pretty and you have done a lot of work keeping it going.

Rhodent said...

Pansies are my absolute favorite annual! I bought some seeds this year and am waiting for their appearance!

Janice said...

Your energy is always such an inspiration to me!