Thursday, June 19, 2008


Answer - if I am not out in the garden, I am out politicin'! Well, not really... Last week we went to the State Democratic Convention (I have given up on the Republicans and this time it is the last time. I ain't comin' back!) I have never ever been involved in poitics except to complain like most everyone else - but this time, things have gone too far. I will not get into my deepest feelings, but I have to say - I have jumped to the other side. HE may be a WAR president, but I am for PEACE. Bring our kids home. Anyway, for those of you who have never seen me or those of you who have not seen me in YEARS - here I am with probably our next governor, Brian Moran. Now I am still listening to the other candidate, the jury is still out, but this guy impressed me.

Needless to say, it is that time of year where every spare minute in the morning is spent outside pulling weeds, cutting grass, cleaning up whatever needs to be cleaned up... All I can say is I wish the grass would grow in the yard as well as it does in the garden! This morning I picked peas, again, and dug my onions. See the carrots behing the peas? And the grass in the peas?
The tommy-toes needed more tying up. It is exciting to see the little ones on the vines. These are the cherry tomatoes.

The yellow wax beans are almost ready to pick. This is the first year they have made it to the picking stage. The other time I grew them, I did not have a fence around the garden and so the rabbits or deer ate the whole crop. I think I got 3 beans.
The deer also ate my blueberry bushes down to stubs this last winter because I took the netting off them and did not get it back on fast enough. That was one of those weeks when I wasn't able to walk out there, let alone do any work. Oh well. So, this is the only bush they did not eat.
This fall I am going to have to build a net cage for the raspberries. I think I have gotten 4 raspberries this year. But, so what. Half the fun is just having the plants and thinking I am going to maybe get something to eat from them! The other half is knowing I have well fed birds, deer, and rabbits!
The deer have eaten most of my neighbor's hostas. So far, mine have made it this year - but this one was chewed to the ground last year. It has struggled to come back and even bloomed this year. I really didn't expect it to make it so I had planted a pansy there last fall. This is the combined bloom! A bigger blue hosta is only a couple of feet away. I have noticed a number of leaves coming down during the last couple of thunderstorms. This yellow leaf must have landed on the hosta last night. A yellow leaf! It isn't even officially summer! Wow!
Next, the lilies!


Ginnie said...

I love the pansy/hosta plant. See, plants, like people, can co-exist even when they are so different !!

I had a chill this morning when I heard that Israel is gearing up for a fight against Iran and it was mentioned that Bush (ugh!) might join in before he leaves office. Very scary stuff.
I loved your comment on my blog and (with your particular knowledge of that area and the Kurds) will be very interested to hear your review of the book "Gardens of Water".

Wildflower Cabin said...

Fun seeing a photo of you as a politician. :o) Your garden photos are great and you are sooooo very far ahead of us! Of course we can't plant until June here, and we had so much rain in the beginning of it, that we've only had things in about 2 weeks. Fun seeing things sprout up though.
Blessings, Janice

Crayons said...

Hi Possom,
I'm visiting you via Ginnie's blog. I really like your corner of the world. Your cats are adorable. They look so happy. Your garden also is quite lovely. I like the statue of the Buddha.

Finally, I'm right there with you on the issue of the occupation.

Rachel said...

Nice to see a photo of you!!

I grew some raspberries once and it was a race with the birds for picking them. I did manage to get a few, but not many! Your veggies are looking really nice. I hope the critters stay away from them!

ancient one said...

So far, the deer haven't bothered any of my plants or berries. We have an outside dog. That might be the difference.

Those days that our temps were the highest were the days we were smelling the smoke. A very terrible thing happened not to far from here.

Hope the smoke clears soon from up your way!

Margaret Cloud said...

I like your blog site, you are very funny, I like the way you tell it like it is, keep it up, just stopping by to say Hi