Monday, February 02, 2009


Well, it is tough doing the groundhog’s day thing when you don’t have groundhogs. Here on the shore, groundhogs are in short supply – like zero. The reason? As an old timer told me years ago when we were sittin’ under a Mimosa tree one hot summer day discussing the absence of chipmunks and groundhogs, “Ain’t no place for ‘em to sleep. Cain’t dig none. Sleep in burrahs. Cain’t burrah none, ‘cause if’n we have some rain, gonna drown the poor suckers.” So, there ya have it. The shore being as flat as it is and as close to sea level, when you get a good wet spell, the ground water comes up pretty high. There are times I have dug a hole to plant a camellia or a tree, and by the time I got down deeper than a foot, the hole started filling up with water. That could be why the cemeteries here are on the highest ground.

So, in celebration of Ground Hog’s Day, we use the next best thing – a possum. Got plenty of possums. Now most everybody knows, possums are up all night and go to bed just before dawn. So if you want to see if a possum is able to see his shadow, or if you can see his (her) shadow, well, first you have to know where one is sleeping, go wake her up, let her get a few good yawns in before you put your hands near those 50 little but sharp teeth,
take her out in the sun (is this cruelty to animals?) give her a treat, apologizing all the while, and let her go back to bed.
Punkin says that is so stupid. He is not into pagan traditions. He said, “If ya wanna see a shadow, look over here! Leave the poor possum alone.” He probably meant “Is that flounder I smell? That possum is getting flounder? Where is MINE? Look how weak I am, look I am falling over. OK, I am dead… isn’t this how the possums do it? Hey! I am dead! But we might have a miracle for a piece of flounder!”
Animals. don’t ya just love ‘em?

And as for chipmunks? Our chipmunks at our place in Pennsylvania live in the rock walls and teeny chipmunk sized caves on the mountain side. And down here… “Ain’t got no rocks ‘cept for stuff fools (that would be me) bring here.” Well… and now you can buy a pile of rocks at your local garden center. But I always bring one or two back each year from Pennsylvania or wherever I go if they have rocks.


Marsh Rat said...


Muskrats See Shadows
Onley, Va. Feb 2 2009

The Rat Trap Creek Muskrats came out this morning and saw their shadows. They promptly broke out the beach chairs and umbrellas and started sunning on Onley Municipal Beach. Mike Muskrat was sporting a new red Speedo while the stylish Mandy wore a lovely pink string bikini (what little there was of it). It is rumored that they were both designed by Oscar de la Musk of Paris. According to long held Muskrat tradition Summer is just six weeks away… so after your Muskrat Day feast of Possum Chili, get out the beach chairs and sun block and get ready to plant the garden.

Frog & PenguINN News Room PM


Municipal Beach Mobbed
Onley, Va. Feb 2, 2009

The municipal beach in Onley Virginia was mobbed this morning after Mike and Mandy Muskrat emerged, saw their shadows and broke out their beach chairs. The owner of an adjacent amusement park Muskrat Mania, opened early to take advantage of the huge crowd. Food vendors along the boardwalk were also reporting brisk sales. Officials say that they may have to calling additional life guards and beach workers to handle the record crowds.
Frog & PenguINN News Room PM

possum said...

It is nice to know that I am not the only NUT in this town!

ancient one said...

I brought a few rocks back from my daughter's home when she lived in the mountains... We always want the larger ones, until we relize we just can't pick them up...LOL

That is a cute story about trying to see the possums shadow.. and then to see the cat playing possum is priceless...LOL