Thursday, August 06, 2009


Not too far from my house is an old train station. Well, actually, it is the freight station, rather than the passenger station. The passenger station was moved years ago and is currently a home not too far from here. I have spent many a wonderful hour in it as a house, had many a WONDERFUL meal there. But I digress... back to the freight station part of things. The town of Onley recently signed a lease with the Cassett Management group for 25 years - and the town will have to preserve the station which is in, um, well... let's say it has had better days. So, a group of people are in the process of forming a Preservation group - they call it SPOTS, Society for the Preservation of the Onley Train Station. Of course, they could have named it SPOOTS - as in Only Onley Train Station, only and Onley being pronounced the same... OR, SPOOOTS (that sounds like a Halloween joke gone bad, like trying to say BOO with a mouth full of cookies - SPOOOTS) adding Only Old Onley Train Station. Ok, maybe not a good idea, but definitely more fun than only SPOTS.

Anyway, I will eventually have another blog, no not to replace this one, but a blog to record the history of the old train station, the RR on the Shore in general, and the restoration process. There are little gems of history I find fascinating... like the founder of the ESRR and thus the name of the management group - Cassatt. The founder was Alexander Cassatt, from Philadelphia. Doesn't ring a bell? I bet you have heard of his sister, Mary Cassatt, right? They even had a postage stamp with one of her paintings on it several years ago. A female impressionist from America, went to Paris to live and paint... painted a lot of mothers with their children. She even painted a picture of Alexander and his son when the family came to visit her in Paris. Anyway, knowing this (I was an art teacher for a hundred years) I at least know how to pronounce the name Cassatt. I have been accused of putting on airs! LOL! Nope, its not CASS' it, its Cah SAWT'. A friend has been busy cleaning the place up a bit, moving old RR ties, fixing a big sliding door so that it would open - probably for the first time in 50 years, and moving the steps and stabilizing them, among other things. Mostly Pat is having fun getting a chance to get dirty, play with his toys, and have something to show for all his sweat and effort. Aren't those cute knees? He has SPOTS on his knees! (Sorry, its been a long day, they are replacing my roof and the pounding has gotten to me!) Anyway, there will be more pictures on the SPOTS blog. Actually I think it is S.P.O.T.S - so if you are into Eastern Shore History, are a Train buff, or into the restoration of old buildings, check us out in a few days. Hopefully, with all the noise and confusion going on over my head, hopefully, I will be able to put a bit of the history together. May I say hopefully one more time????

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Ginnie said...

No matter what they call it I am happy that they are doing the restoration. I love the idea of retaining some of our past history.