Saturday, February 06, 2010


FRIENDS AND BLESSINGS, they are pretty much the same thing, don't you think?
We all have many, many blessings; many of us don’t realize how blessed we are. In fact, many of us spend much of our lives looking at what we don’t have and miss all the wonderful things we DO have because we seem to be stuck on the Pity Pot with our eyes shut. I have been given so much… no, not tons of money, I don’t drive a Rolls Royce, or have my own private jet – not even a little Piper Cub. Do they still make those? I don’t live in a mansion, McMansion or otherwise… but I do have one thing more valuable than that Rolls or Cub or McMansion… I have some darned good friends. You have seen this fellow before… he goes by several aliases – no, not because he is hiding out – mostly because he has quite a sense of humor. But the best thing about him is – if you need something, and you say so – he is there.
I have learned to keep my mouth shut if I have an idea about making something, building something, fixing something or just doing something. I have learned if it involves his Tractor, do not joke about it! When we were anticipating the last snow storm, I jokingly told Pat he could come down and plow me out. I live a half mile away. Never for a moment did I think he would actually DO it! So, there I was happily shoveling away… well, OK, maybe not so happily, but shoveling, anyway… and I heard this loud noise coming up the street. There was very little traffic, you see, with 9 inches on ground that usually only gets a dusting or 2 in a snowy year! The next thing I knew, there was Pat and his buddy, John Deere, scooping and shoving the snow out of the driveway.
Just to let you know what kind of guy he is – he did 2 more driveways on the way home. How’s that for a friend and neighbor?
You might remember Pat built my Stand-Uppity garden, too… and when I asked him to pick up some lumber for me (he has a pick-up) so I could rebuild my little lean to I keep a wheelbarrow and some lumber in (and a possum sleeping place) – he and his Princess showed up and he rebuilt it for me! Then on Friday, I was in the process of changing the lock on my back door – the old one was getting confused, locking us out and not locking us in, sometimes not even letting us close the door… Pat showed up and drilled a new hole and put the lock on. Just like that. Stopped whatever he was doing when the phone rang, hopped in his jeep and here he was. What can I say????? Well, besides, THANKS! How blessed I am to have a friend like Pat!

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Grenville T. Boyd said...

Oh how embarrassing!!!!!! Guess that idea of becoming the Lone Reclusive Hermit is shot before i even get my monk robes.