Monday, November 22, 2010


Here it is, almost Thanksgiving and the temps are in the 60s again today. I know it cannot last and I remember how we were caught so off guard last year – when the cold hit, it hit with a vengeance and leaving many of us with chores undone. It has always been a challenge to keep a fresh tomato from the garden for Thanksgiving dinner, but this year I will have a fresh pepper, a small cucumber, several tomatoes… but I doubt this zucchini will be big enough by then. Can you see it on the pink paper?

Yep, I resisted the urge to yank this little plant out and, bless its little heart, it has been blooming away. So, when I walked out to do a few chores this morning, I saw this nice big bloom and thought I just might take a picture of it. So, camera in hand, I looked around for a good shot – and what did I see? Back in the house for a piece of paper and the date – I mean who ever heard of a zucchini this late in November HERE?  DSC_0751 Check out the tomatoes? The red ones were for lunch yesterday. No pictures of them! But I will pick these before the cold weather hits in a few days.DSC_0752

We have had several frosts. One zapped the coleus just a bit, so I cut them down but left the strobilanthes. The frost has not hurt it one bit. Can you see St Fwankie down under the leaves? This plant is over 4 feet tall.  DSC_0763

The fall azaleas are still blooming nicely and the camellias are earlier than usual. Everything is loaded with blooms.DSC_0759DSC_0733 DSC_0757DSC_0668

One amazing little plant has been blooming ever since my friend Bobbie gave it to me – ages ago. Gosh, I don’t even remember when. It is a type of Bleeding Heart – the wild version? It is dripping with dew, we had a heavy fog this morning.  DSC_0754

The red camellias that usually bloom just in time for Christmas have started – 2 blooms today. Most of the leaves are down now and I  never posted the pretty colors. Oh well, guess that happens when you get too busy. I hope it is pretty at your house and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Sissy said...

How lucious the blooms, all of them. Protect that zucchini from cold - I hope it will grow well.
Here snow is predicted for Dec 1st. Probably will change; you know how weather forcasts are. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Jan. I plan to overeat that day, make up for lack lately. Ha!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey Possum, those flowers are lovely, such wonderful muted pinks. Gotta agree that this fall weather is sure nice with lots of things still blooming, including your veggies - ours are all gone until next season.