Thursday, February 10, 2011



But no sun,

And the flowers,

Are covered in snow,

Yes, I said snow…

DSC_0909 Yesterday was an ordinary clear winter day, cold, temps in the 30s, but the sun was out to give the illusion of warmth. As the day wore on, the cloud cover moved in with the promise of snow. The heater light was left on all day in the greenhouse, the cats stayed snuggled in their box on the heating pad with short trips out to go potty or eat. The birds were busy stocking up on food as they so often do just before a storm. DSC_0908 DSC_0914

Sometime after I went to bed the snow started and the ground was covered by 2 AM when I made my nightly trip down the hall. The snow was sticking to the leaves and branches… it was a winter wonderland all over again. DSC_0913

For some reason I woke up early this morning… it was one of those days when all I did was think about what I had to do, so I decided to get up and get started. It was a good thing, because WBOC TV called just as I pulled on my jeans, so outside I went with the phone and ruler to officially measure our 2 inches of snow.

After that I came in and grabbed the camera, a can of cat food, and a dish of crunchies, and headed outside again. DSC_0910 The camellias had started to open, again, and, as you can see, have some frost bite on their petals. But I love the color contrast with the red and white and the dark green made darker by the presence of the snow.

The van was covered, but the road was clear – well, as clear as black ice can be called clear. It was pretty slippery, but the traffic has not slowed down. DSC_0912

The snow has started again. We probably won’t get that much more (famous last words, eh?) All I can do is be grateful we don’t have as much as some other places that got socked again, and grateful that spring really will be here before too long. But, I must also remember, it always snows on the daffodils, and they are barely thru the ground.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Possum, great shots of the cardinal and other feeder birds and the winter wonderland was beautiful.

ancient one said...

Yes, we got a little snow too, but it was gone by 1pm... that's the best kind... although our yard is still so soggy...

Anonymous said...

WOW,,, 2 whole inches!!!! we only got 1.5 at the oficial measuring spot on the railing. No, make that 1.3,,,, hold it now its 1.0. I hate when it melts faster than i can measure!!!!

Sissy said...

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful scenes, yes. I'm tickled seeing a bloom with snow, even more so, astonished. Camellia leaves are full of "collectabliity possibility". They are so healthy in the color. This is just a great post to relax into this early morning. As you say, spring will come soon. Look Forward, Survivors!