Friday, May 20, 2011


OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT... I have not met too many people who enjoy getting broken in by a new computer. Yeah, I know what I said. The DELL desktop from 2004 finally got to the point it was just not doing what it was supposed to do, and one morning it took an hour and a half to open and respond to one email... Sooooo, I had no choice. TA DA! The new one! Yep, that is a big screen - 23 inches. It is also a touch screen - but I don't know if I will ever get used to that. I tried to remove an ant from the screen and the word yahoo no longer even fit on the screen! It took FOREVER to get the screen back to normal size.

However, a few small(!) problems. It won't accept my camera... it tells me my passwords aren't.... and so I have had to dig out the good old laptop that I hate in order to blog and post any pictures. I had promised a friend some pictures of my irises, but nothing happened... the new one sat blank - almost as bad as the old one that I have had fixed, just have not had the energy to try to hook it up. The new DELL is a 64 bit processor - most old ones are 32 bit. Oh, see the tower? No? That is because it is built in behind the screen. See the wires to the key board (a keyboard is on screen, too) NO? wireless keyboard and mouse. Is a mouse still a mouse if it has no tail? Or is this a hamster?

Anyway, here are a few of this year's irises.

And one more shot - a bad one to be sure, but it is the only one I have been able to get - this little Orchard Oriole does not hold still for long.... (this shot did not make it from one computer to the other. Rats!

OK, now lets see if this will publish!
Answer - it did, BUT, I had to go in on the new computer and respace everything. HUGE empty spaces between pictures. sigh. Nuts, weird spacing keeps coming back! Sorry.


ancient one said...

You will have the new one up and running very quickly... There might be a place on the new computer when you just insert the camera card and you can upload them quickly.. My computer has those places as does the printer. Before I had a cable to hook into the computer from the camera... new way so much better. Enjoy your new computer. The irises are simply beautiful.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Lovely iris photos, Possum. Hopefully the computer issues will be sorted out in time. Another way to get the photos onto the computer is to use a separate card reader, which usually connects by a USB port. I can insert the cards directly into the PC, but often use the card readers too.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have not made the proper sacrifices to the Tron Gods!!!
I've never had a new 'puter' that didn't give me problems for the first week. Yours will end soon i'm sure.

troutbirder said...

Oh my. This is a really scarey post as I have the same year and model Dell... and continue on the "if it ain't broke (yet) don't fix it approach." I also recently reread Leopold and found it as fresh, vital and relevant as ever... :)

Rachel said...

You have gone all high tech!! I got a wireless mouse and love it! I hope you are able to figure out the new computer. It takes awhile sometimes. At least for me it does! The irises are so pretty. You certainly have a variety of colors! I especially love that blue one!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

A fancy new computer doesn't solve your low speed dial up Internet Service. It is a handsome beauty.
I aspire to get a netbook myself.