Monday, July 18, 2011


OK, WHAT THE HECK are Rosiedendrums? We used to have a neighbor up in PA who had her own words for things... as many other families do, we adopted unusual (read wrong) words and phrases, which included some of her pronounciations, but had to remember NOT to use those words around other folks. Some words were simple, de-TOWER, for detour, for example. Anyway, we made a quick run up to the Poconos last week, stayed in my Uncle Jesse's house to avoid all the stairs at mine, and basically raced from one thing to another, the main purpose in being there was to see my Aunt Kathryn and a couple of my cousins. True, we had a couple other chores to take care of, but little time for just fun stuff. However, the rhododendron were in full bloom, and they were awesome. In many cases, they lined the roads, towered over us and there was no place to pull over to take a picture. Plus, it was actually dark under there! It seemed strange to have the flash pop up when it was a sunny day, so it made for a lot of contrast in the pictures. However, I knew I would not have a chance to get back for a cloudy day shot.
The rhododendron goes all the way up the mountain, as far as you can see. The camera just could not take it all in.So, after the visit with Aunt Kay, I really needed some place soothing for a little moment or two. We went home, packed a sandwich, and headed down to the creek at Rockport. This creek empties in the Lehigh River. In years past we have hiked up (or down) to a waterfall, but, not this year. The old bod just would not do it. So, I took a few shots of my favorite creek and some of the rhododenrdons near it. First, the creek - this year, with little water, and a couple years ago with lots of water. The trickle and the torrent!

Higher up the creek, near the bridge... One of the things I also love to see is how fern and even trees grow out of the rocks. Shoot! I have trouble getting fern to live in pots!
One morning we took a quick run down into Hickory Run. Another quickie on this Total Quickie Trip. sigh. This is in Hickory Run. The water this year was so low, there was NO water to drive thru this year. I have never seen it dry before. It is unusual to see little "islands" in the pools above the falls. But the reflection of the rhododendron was nice even in the shallow water.
And why, you might ask, Why was this trip so fast? Hadji is diabetic, as some of you might remember... and HAS to eat a LOT of certain foods... and does not do well under stress. He lost 8 oz. while we were gone - Monday to Friday. That is a lot for a little cat. I am glad to say, it took only 3 days to put it back on him. He came home and ate and ate and drank and drank! No, it is not a Spoiled thing - it is his LIFE!

This post was originally done on the laptop, since I find it easier to upload my pictures on it and it has the OLD Blogger which allows mw to move pictures around more easily... BUT, even tho I have gone back to re-edit this 7 or 8 times now (but who's counting) even tried to edit it on the new computer, Blogger insists on the big empty space between the old and new pics of the creek coming down the mountain side. Go figure.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Even with the lower water levels, the streams and woodlands looked cool and a break from our current high temps. Good to hear Hadjii is doing well.

ancient one said...

Loved the mountains, blooms,rocks and water. On this hot day all the pics are refreshing !!