Saturday, September 01, 2012


SOME DAYS ARE JUST LIKE THAT..... what ever that is. But it was a day when I had thought I'd kept all my time to myself to get caught up on things housiefied... every once in a while it seems necessary to shovel a path to the sofa, ya know what I mean? Well, OK, its not really that bad in here, but there are days that need to be devoted to chores in the house. I promised myself to stay off the computer and it was a bit warm to be outside, besides they said it would not be a bad week-end, so the mowing and garden work could wait until Sat or Sun. Right. See  previous post about how well that worked! Anyway, I had myself pretty well organized and had a good start on things when the phone rang. It was my friend Charlie. It seems Charlie was the recipient of a couple of kittens. Someone had left him a present on his property, a little baby blanket with a sick orange kitten and his frisky grey tabby brother. So, I put a cage in the van and out the road we went. The orange one was sitting on his blanket waiting for his owner to come back and get him. That broke my heart. The grey boy was bouncing around in the woods and weeds not far away. He came when called. Obviously they have been someone's loved kittens. My guess is they are about 3 months old. I called the vet and got the last appointment for the day, for the week, as it was Friday afternoon. I was worried the orange one would not make it, his nose was filled with snot, and when a cat can't breathe, they don't seem to be able to eat either. He was weak. Anyway, Barrett gave them each their first shots and sent us home with amoxicillin and eye drops and de-fleaed them. I got a couple of my bigger cages together and we made a place to keep them in Charlie's shop where we could give the Orange fellow his meds and feed them. Anybody want a couple of kittens? They look great now, a week later, and a ton of food, full of energy, tumbling around in the pen Charlie made for them outside. These shots were taken last Saturday, after the rain had started but before the 9 inches fell! Charlie was already soaked from working on the Train Station door (see the SPOTS blog).  
It is a good thing Charlie saw them as he drove by or they would have been underwater the next day, cuz they were staying where  they were put waiting for their previous owner to return. Bless their little hearts.

A side note here... Blogger has suddenly changed its format and how pictures get added and placed. I have not figures it out, seem to have NO control over where the pictures are going. Sorry about that!

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Ginnie said...

It sounds like whoever left them knew that a good Samaritan (you) would do for them what they wouldn't do !