Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Everything here in Onley is fine - one tree down, landed on power lines but held ‘til ANEC came and cut it down. Lost power for a few seconds. Lots of water in the yard, but then we had almost 9 inches of rain. But, I am far (2 miles) from the coastal communities that got drowned by the high tides and storm surge. Onley in on the "spine" of the peninsula.

Others did not make out so well... several people lost cars in high water, salty water I might add for those of you not familiar with our topography... one friend thinks her house is a loss- water up 2 feet on first floor, windows smashed in on sun porch (waves? wind?) ...a few folks lost boats. Many were without power for long periods of time, a few still out as of this writing. But, all in all, the shore made out better than places to the north.

I do really appreciate hearing from some of you, thanks for the pictures, Bobbie (Girl Bobbie) and to know you are all right. Would love to share your story and pictures...

And thanks for all the phone calls Bobby (Boy Bobby)...

In fact I got over a dozen phone calls from folks making sure I was OK. I really do appreciate it! I was reminded of what wonderful friends I have.

Thanks for the emails, also.

For pics of the shore, you can check out and

you might be surprised who you will find on here, or who you will read about! I found you, Tiger, mentioned. Did you guys lose your cars?

Those of you off-shore folks, let me know how you made out. If you have posted on facebook, sorry, I have not been on fb for a good month... just too busy!


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am glad all is well with you and your community. What you suffered was similar to Toronto. They lost electricity in some sections as trees came down. Toronto is a city with lots of trees so this is normal. No flooding. Where I live what we experience was just a windy rain storm.

Some measure of how bad it was for New York is that I watched Kelly and Michael this morning and they talked about the city and the Jersey shore BUT no mention of the burning down of Rockaway neighbourhood with 80 to 100 homes gone. When such an event is not newsworthy one can only guess at how bad the situation was.

Ginnie said...

It was a relief to hear from you and to know that you didn't suffer more than you did.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We too were glad to talk with you after Sandy and know you and yours were OK. We are very thankful for all our family and friends surviving Sandy, although those in NJ are still having a tough time with power outages and gas shortages.