Friday, December 14, 2012


MAJOR FRUSTRATION! For those of you with email addresses that end in, 95% of the mail I am sending to people is bouncing back - and has been for several weeks. I AM NOT IGNORING YOU - Some of you have alternative email addresses, so I am using them... or I am resorting to phone calls. Funny how some folks get all out of joint when they send an email and do not get any reply... Well, folks, maybe their computer died. MAybe they had an emergency and had to leave the state... one best friend's MIL just passed... it is a year since my Aunt Kay left us and I disappeared for 4 days... things happen. Or, your address might end in and I hit reply and 2 days later I got a failure notice... a day late to RSVP. Strange how we have become so dependent on these machines. Anyway, I am hoping if you are one of those folks who doesn't understand why you have not heard from me - well - who knows if your mail is getting thru in this direction either. IF IT IS IMPORTANT - use the phone. Thanks.


Ginnie said...

Well, my computer is pretty old & none too fast but at least I don't have Verizon !

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sometimes it might be best to call, especially when the internet provider is Verizon, which always seems to have issues.