Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Years ago we used to play a party game where everyone had to think of 12 people, dead or alive, that they would invite to a dinner party. It was always an interesting question to ask people, “Who would you invite?”

I had a set answer for a number of my imaginary guests… people I would love to question about things that puzzled me the most in my life. I mention this because I just read a blog post that was about Steve Allen. He was always on my guest list. So was Mark Twain sitting right there with Jesus and Buddha, maybe Ben Franklin. After that, my list might vary from time to time. Usually I had either Justinian or Theodora – I had some serious questions for them. And maybe Cheops or Khufu or Akhenaton would be there.

Who would you invite?


Ginnie said...

I would have to give this a lot of thought if I were to list all 12 but I will say that the very first name that came to me was Steve Jobs...he has always fascinated me and his sister said that his dying words were "Wow... wow!" As a lifelong agnostic I'd love to know what it was he was seeing ...

Snowbrush said...

Ginnie, I've heard the brain undergoes a lot of changes at the point of death, and that it's these changes that account for NDEs and such, and that makes sense to me.

I wouldn't want to invite twelve people because I couldn't give them all good attention, so maybe just my Granny, my father, my Grandpa, and maybe Frank Norris.