Sunday, January 04, 2015


Which is going to give out first?

The guy’s hands?

The tree branch (which is dead anyway)?

The dog’s teeth?

The guy’s pants?

Hang on!


Snowbrush said...

I think that the cat that's chasing them will pull them down before any of the options given breaks.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello, happy new year.

Very interesting post. The answer is too difficult. I think the dog's teeth will remain until the man falls down. Excellent photo. Best wishes

Snowbrush said...

Joseph might have a point. My answer was based upon the speculation that they're both trying to climb the tree to escape a pursuing cat, but since the dog can't climb, he's depending upon the man to hoist him up.

approved said...

The man's hands.. LOL Good post!

Ginnie said...

Actually it would have been fun to see how it was all staged. That hefty guy could never have leaped that far but the dog looks like it means business !!