Tuesday, June 02, 2015


IN A WORD, YES.  BUT… it also depends on the tree. He can’t go up very far on a straight tree, but if he tries a tree that is angled or had relatively low branches, he is as agile as a cat. Well, going up, but coming down- not so much. Mostly it is a leap to the ground. I have never been lucky enough to see any of my foxes climb the trees around here, but I borrowed some shots from google’s image files.

Image result for grey fox climbing tree Image result for grey fox climbing tree Image result for grey fox climbing tree Image result for grey fox climbing tree

“My” fox has been known to go up a neighbor’s tree and have a snack of baby robins. I heard the racket, the birds did not sit back quietly and allow it to happen, but by the time my neighbor got his camera, the fox was running back into the woods and part of the nest was on the ground and the robins were flying above the fox yelling some serious curses at him, I am sure.

Meanwhile, back at the compost pile “my” fox had just finished up some baked potato skins which the coon really loves, licked the cheese and sour cream off her nose and spotted my camera… and off she ran. Mrs Coonie-Bear decided to try her luck at any left over cat food. She could care less about me standing there with the camera.

DSC_0171_01 DSC_0172_01

DSC_0173_01 DSC_0174_01

in case you are interested, that big black thing behind the coonie-bear is a gro-bag with carrots in it. Part of my container “farming.” The pink flowers behind the fox are peonies.

Spook was enjoying his time on the patio having already eaten his dinner. Perhaps he was amused to know they would find nothing but an empty dish at his dinner place. He no longer runs from the other critters tho he used to climb up on the barn roof when the previous fox lived here.

 DSC_0114_01 DSC_0714

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