Tuesday, March 15, 2016


SPOTS was once again invited to participate in the Heritage Celebration at our local Community College.
We packed up our trusty portable displays and set them up in the Conference room. We had a lot of visitors and as usual, the kids were overjoyed to see the little worlds and trains, and to have a chance to blow the whistle on the larger of the 2 trains (O scale). Then there were the adults who reminisced about the trains they had as kids, how much fun they were, often followed by, gee, I wonder if those trains are still up in the attic? DSC_0520_01DSC_0512_01DSC_0521_01
The N scale fascinates them probably because it is so tiny and there is so much to discover. I love to see their expressions when they “discover” the horses or the kids playing.DSC_0519_01 DSC_0516_01DSC_0518_01 DSC_0523_01 DSC_0526_01DSC_0527_01
  Often we ask them if they can find things on the different layouts, the dog stealing the hotdog off the grill or the cat on the top step of the old shack. One mother had her child count the bikes on the layout. It is also fun to watch the parenting styles – one mother had her child find and count the stop signs! See that little sign next to the track where the caboose is just crossing the road with the little girl in pink watching carefully as the train goes by? Actually, she was checking out the “farmer’s market” – produce being sold from the back of a pick-up right next to the tracks.DSC_1017 DSC_1018DSC_1010And, yes,DSC_0413_01 that is an outhouse! A couple people said there were not enough cars in the parking lot at the Exmore Diner. “You can never find a parking spot!” So I will remember to bring more cars and pick-up trucks to the next show! And here is what makes it all worthwhile - their little faces of discovery and delight.

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Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a wonderful presentation at the Heritage Festival and glad to read how much both the children and their parents enjoyed the layouts. Kudos to all the SPOT members who worked so hard on this presentation...well deserved!