Monday, October 24, 2016

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? (October's Jungle)

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" said the email... Have you quit blogging?
Well, no, but it seems like I have, doesn't it? My only excuse is that I have been busy... and, to be frank, I am slowing down. So its not that I am busier than usual, just slower. It took me 4 hours to plant a hundred daffodil bulbs on Saturday... and that was not counting the time sitting on the bench with a visitor in the Meditation Garden, where I was planting the bulbs anyway... The discussion seemed so appropriate for the location. We were discussing the philosophies of  various monks and Buddhists, the Dalai Lama and Jesus... and trying very hard to avoid any mention of Trump and the hatred that seems to be taking over this land. Instead Dave was telling me about Richard Rohr and one of his books that he said I must read... I was telling him about Thomas Merton.

Rohr is a Franciscan Friar, Thomas Merton a Trappist Monk. Dave is a Baptist, I am a Buddhist, and this conversation took place on benches next to my seated Buddha in the Meditation Garden on a delightfully cool day with leaves gently falling down around us.

My time on the computer has been mostly work time. I do read a couple of blogs but seldom have time for answering them. Snowy's blog is always long and currently has been delightful with stories of his feline family. Sometimes I don't get all the way thru reading the blog let alone the comments, so I almost never get to the point of commenting myself. I have given up on a number of blogs I used to read. And, sadly, some of my favorite bloggers are now gone. I especially miss Philip (Canada.)

I never meant my blog to be provocative... I do enough of that in my Musings which is not public. As the Title suggests, my blog has mostly been about my little corner of the world, literally, my tiny 4 acres of woods on the edge of town that I have tried to turn into a semi-wild garden space. It could never be called a formal garden, and as I get older - and the plants get older and bigger, it gets a bit more of a jungle and harder to keep cut back.

So this post is for those who wonder if I will ever blog again... yes, I am still here. And this is the jungle for the month of October.

Then, too, blogger has become a pain in the butt to post on... That is probably my number one reason for not making the effort as often. I often start something and it sits in draft form and for some reason will not publish. Even now, it refuses to go back to left side alignment in spite of clicking on the icon.
 OK, now the print is blue. I have no idea why it did that or decided to underline everything. Can't seem to change that, either.

The picture that was supposed to go here landed at the top of the post. I haven't the energy to fight with it. Let it be there.

By the way, we have a new visitor... she thinks she is a resident, and she might be. We named her Hoover for the way she attacks any food out on the carport. The dishes are wiped clean in an amazingly short time. She is also getting much bigger... we figure 4-5 months old???? Spook tolerated her in the beginning, but he is not happy about her anymore. I have to babysit them and feed her away from him. She will eat all her food and then chase him and finish his.
I am going to see if this will publish...


Ginnie said...

Yes, it published and your photos are lovely as always. Isn't it nice to have a conversation that is civil and thought provoking instead of vitriolic and nasty? I think that Trump has/is doing a tremendous disservice to our country and fear that he won't stop even if he loses ... or maybe will be even more demeaning if he does !

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I know what you mean about blogger being a pain to work with sometimes and have no idea why it moves the location of photos. It's happened to me as well. The flowers looked lovely, as always, and your new visited "Hoover" is an attractive kitty.