Monday, November 14, 2016


The trees across the street have been a vision of beauty this past week. Even tho they have lost a lot of leaves, or maybe because of it, they are awesome in every light. It is supposed to rain this afternoon. That should bring more leaves down.

The camellias are covering the bushes, all of which are well more than 10 feet tall, 2 of them are over the roof. The shorter one had to be cut back this summer as it was laying on the shingles.
(Please note, I never use any color enhancement)
I will save the azaleas for the next post... the new fall azaleas in the Meditation Garden have made it thru a hot dry summer, I am glad to report. I did carry water out to them a couple times, but mostly, they were on their own.

We have had our first freeze and a couple heavy frosts. But it was so warm for so long, it is hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week! Be safe , ya'all!


Ginnie said...

Your colors are amazing and I love that you don't enhance them. My niece is doing all the heavy cooking so I cam relax and send out Thanksgiving wishes to my blogger friends. Special wishes to you two and hugs.

troutbirder said...

Just gorgeous. They are quite rare here on the tundra...:)