Sunday, January 01, 2017


For the New Year (2017,) having a new kitty (Hoover), who is not exactly welcomed by Uncle Spook, I felt it would work better if she had a more comfortable place to eat, perhaps to sleep, or just hangout when it is cold, where she can see out, keep watch, listen to the back door open (FOOD???), and basically be warm and safe, and Spook can have his old familiar space back to himself. The old medium sized cat mat decided to quit heating, so I bought a replacement and took the smaller one I had been using until the larger one arrived, for the new, slightly smaller box. Hoover CAN get in it unaided, but is still needing to be put in there to eat as she goes over to her old heated but dark box to eat. She is a fast learner, so, a couple more meals in the Upstairs Apartment and she will be all set.
I feel sorry for her, in a way... she so wants Spook to play with her, but at 13, all he does is hiss and smack at her. She smacks back and he turns and leaves. Spook has never been a fighter. Punkin always fought his battles for him. I had hoped Hoover might sort of take Punky's place in his life - or at least provide some companionship. They often curled up together and sometimes walked leaning into each other. I often wondered where Punkin found Spook as he was a kitten when the 2 of them showed up in my yard during Hurricane Isabel. One would have assumed Punk was his mother, but that would have been rare - Punkin was, after all, an orange cat.
Punk has been gone several years now and Spook has been a solitary cat ever since, but still roams his territory here and across the street where he now stays mostly as Hoover will not go near the road - be grateful for some things, right? Spook is VERY cautious. Punky taught him well.

Anyway, here is the new box with Hoover on top, Spook chowing down by himself 'downstairs.' The electrical connections have all that wire around them so critters don't bite into them and get electrocuted or start a fire. The wiring is actually quite elaborate as I have remote controls on their beds as well as the greenhouses under them. Their water dish is controlled by a thermo-cube that turns on at 35 degrees and off at 45. Their water does not ever freeze. I feed them in the boxes when it is real cold - the heated pads keep the food from freezing.

A friend came over the other day and was quite surprised at how warm it was in the boxes in spite of them being only a thin piece of plastic.
The doors are covered with Ziploc freezer bags and a clear contractors grade plastic flap.
The bungee cords keep the boxes from blowing away. The blue stuff is insulation foam. The white mat covers come with the mats.
If you are interested, here is the info on the larger pad that I bought for Spook and Punkin and just replaced. The old one lasted 5 years and had a lot of critters warm up on it.

Product Details

It is also the perfect size for a couple loving possums looking for a meal and a place to toast their toes. In fact we could fit quite a few possums in here!

Just sayin'..........
Ya know, I think they are wishing you a Happy New Year!

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Ginnie said...

You certainly know how to make your critters comfortable. Looks like a lot of work to me and yes, I can almost hear the possums wishing me a Happy New Year. I never knew they had such pink snouts ... CUTE.