Sunday, April 30, 2017

ALMOST MAY! Azaleas, irises, peonies

YEP, it is April 30. We have just had our first 90 degree day, humidity at least 200%! Thanks to the almost 2 inches of rain we got spread out over the last week. We did need it. I promised a couple people some pictures of the yard, the irises that have started blooming... I would have taken more, but it was getting too hot out there and I needed to cool off. 80 degrees by 10 AM. Durn. I should have started earlier, it was 70 when I got up, but so many things got in my way. My greatest achievement for the day is that I got my first 3 rows of yellow wax beans planted. YEA! I hope to get the Italian flats in next. Still haven't started planting in the new Stand-Uppity garden... that is for tomorrow.
Anyway, here are a few high-lights from the flower side of things - and a shot of my laziness - some peas growing in a flower box and climbing up a store bought trellis. Well, when your body does not want to do like it used to do, you find ways to compensate, right?
But first, the iris, backed by azaleas:
azaleas and peonies
azaleas, purple iris, and peonies
 and peas.

There are, of course, lots more in bloom... maybe later when it gets cooler.

4 hours later... and 85 degrees... I have my yellow wax beans and Italian flats in the old Stand-uppity garden and a row of yellow's in the new one, just for comparison in blooming time, maybe difference in pony poop and wholly cow organic poop, planted a flat of lavender and a peat pot flat of snap dragons, both sitting in the new garden for now. Just way too tired to do anything more outside. Hoover and several dragon flies kept me company. I disrupted the lives of 3 blue tail skinks, tho one was missing his tail. I bet Hoover could tell me about that. Heard then saw an eagle fly over.
It has been an awesome if tiring day!
Heading for the shower.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks, Possum, for sharing the beauty in your yard. The purple iris is among my favorite, but so short-lived😟

Ginnie said...

Damn ... you put me to shame. I have the time, I just don't have the same colored thumb as you. Were you born with a green one???? Your garden is a delight and the colors are amazing. Thanks for the photos.