Sunday, July 02, 2017




I wanted to share some of this year’s lilies with you, and, having a nice day for a change (read low humidity) I toddled out with the old trusty Nikon to try to capture the amazing beauty scattered around the place. But, my critters seemed interested in what I was up to (read hungry, as usual) and I got a few interesting shots of them – so, critters and garden first, lilies in the next post.

Hoover has found a new sleeping place, in the wiper opening on the van when she is not up on the top in the luggage rack. On top she can see what is going on… as a windshield wiper, she is not noticeable… a surprising hide-away, I guess. Spook had been under the van but came out as he heard the back door open. This is a sad shot of him. His age is showing along with his damaged ear as the hobo cat, as we call him, did a number on him earlier, requiring several stitches… and we chipped him while the ear was being operated on anyway.

I am grateful Spook is staying home more and not across the street like he used to. He and Hoover are getting along better (SO GRATEFUL!) and these hot days Spook is usually snoozing under the bushes out front where there is usually a breeze. I found him napping there when I was getting a shot of some of the front yard lilies.

In the back yard, I thought it was interesting that my Christmas poinsettia was still in bloom. See it? Here it is with my 6 foot+ tomato on the left and a bunch of day lilies behind. The house plants seem to like being tucked in next to the pine tree. The 4x4s are there to keep them in place. Here is the 6 foot plus tomato plant.
And the first crop of beans in the Stand-Uppity garden.

Ashley has been helping me in the yard this year for which I am SO grateful, and last Wednesday she dug (I potted) about a dozen baby camellias for her grandmother. But first, I needed to wash out a dozen or so pots… and that was when I spotted one of this year’s newest. See him (her)?

OK, I will go ahead and do the lilies next – they will come up in a couple days. By then I will have been to Sterrett’s to order some more which Ashley and I will plant down along the road at the base of the row of Crape Myrtles. Then we will be able to enjoy the daffodils first, then the azaleas (someone stole one of them – can you believe it?) then lilies and finally the Crape Myrtle. If my body can handle it, I think I will find something to put in around them for fall…the fall azaleas are struggling out there – maybe a few fall camellias? It is hard work, but my flowers bring joy to so many people on their way to work or home… even if I don’t get to see them. My legacy, perhaps?
Come on by, sit for a spell... enjoy my labor of love for all to enjoy.



Ginnie said...

Having spent time in your amazing yard makes your invite very tempting !!! It all looks so peaceful and the critters just give it the comic effect needed. I'm so glad you have Ashley to take some of the heavy stuff off your shoulders. It's all so beautiful ... thanks for the pictures.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's hard to believe someone would steal an azalea plant, but not surprising (sadly). The beans are looking good. yes, I did see the new little visitor in among the pots. Glad to read you have some help outdoors too.