Sunday, September 03, 2006


These shots are all from my street, going on down the street toward Rte 13, covering less than a mile. This is not all the damage, just what I was able to get at the moment I drove by. I might include a bit more from my yard - we will see how time goes, this morning. The upload time has been real slow lately.

Gingko tree down at Ned's. Beautiful tree! I will miss it in October when it turned the most beautiful yellow!

Tree on power line at Marguerite Small's.

The big tree on the corner across from the church is gone. They had most of it cleaned up by the time I got out of my yard.

Used to be Miss Sadie's house - down near the turn to F&M bank. 3 huge trees down. See the 2 trees in the back yard? Sorry the shot isn't any better, but I was driving and shooting! A drive by shooting?!?!?!?!? Notice the "high tide" mark in the yard... or debris from where the water covered the road at one point.

Same house, front, or I should say, side yard.

Newly exposed tree roots in my side yard. This is the mulberry tree's roots where the water washed away all the earth around the roots. I spent Saturday carrying dirt and pebbles and weeds over to dump on the roots to fill it back in. One hole was al,ost 2 feet deep!

And my front side walk is under there - somewhere.........

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