Saturday, September 02, 2006

ERNESTO - from Possum Lane

The morning after...

Ernesto tore thru here yesterday. I don't ever remember that much rain at one time. The wind in general was not as bad as in some of the hurricanes we have gone thru - but the gusts were scary! If I can get the van out today, I will take pictures of some of the other places in town - maybe even over in Onancock where Cokesbury lost half its roof.

These shots were taken after the worst of the rain had receeded enough for me to go outside and actually be able to walk or wade around the yard. AT one point the yard was completely under water. Even tho you can see grass - the water is at least 2 inches deep if you try to walk "on the grass."

At one point the road was completely covered. The vehicles down the road are removing a huge fir tree from the power lines (Small's.)

The big tree branch by the van is from the gum tree out front. I pulled it off the van - so far I have not found any damage to the van. Today, the chain saw! It is too heavy for me to move - I tried!

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