Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Waiting for another storm.

Well, here we are, 2 days before Thanksgiving, waiting for another Nor'easter. Rats. We had a good one this time last week. I hope we are not getting into a pattern like we did a few years ago when we had a storm every week-end, like clock work. Last week’s storm brought down another big tree. I have been lucky, they all have been away from the house and barns. The root system that is now above the ground sticks up at least 7 feet. The hole it left is deep, I can see that, but is still filled with too much water to measure. This is only half of the surface root system, the trunk is flat on the ground, but I cannot get thru the bramble to shoot it. Well, maybe I could if I wanted to struggle long enough, but what is the point?

The last storm had gusts at 40 mph, sustained mostly in the 20s. We had tornado watches all day and another 2.2 inches of rain. Just what we needed for the already soaked ground! It stripped most of the trees of their leaves, even those that are still green. The wind beat the camellias and the ground was covered in petals. But, several of the bushes have enough buds they just came right back out, beautiful as ever.

We have had a couple of nice foggy mornings. I say nice because it wasn’t bad enough to really affect driving but was nice enough to be pretty. I love fog for some stupid reason. I love the stillness, almost like a new heavy snow. And I like the change of the depth of field. The busy background gets eliminated and the beauty of things close up becomes clearer. Front yard, redbud and camellias

Can you tell the size of the camellias out front from this picture? They are all about 8 feet tall. Yule Tide is visible on the right. Yule Tide was my first gift camellia, a gift from my dear old friend Sabra, the year I bought this house – 20 years ago. Yule Tide was cut to a third of its size about 10 years ago as it got too big where it was, so we had to move it. I was so afraid I would lose it because it was so big.

The camellia directly on the other side of the Buddha is starting to bloom. This is Debutante, a double pink spring camellia, also a gift from Sabra, many years ago. You can see how big it has grown. It is quite a distance from Buddha.

Spook and Punkin usually follow me around the yard, Punk tries to anticipate where I might be headed so he can roll over in front of me and yowl just incase I didn’t notice him. Spook, on the other hand, hides and spies out from a sheltered place.

In a couple of days it will be Thanksgiving. As I look around my yard, I see living reminders of friends who no longer walk this earth, but their memory lives on wherever I look. They are treasures that tug at my heart not just because of their beauty but because they are reminders of friends and love. As Christmas approaches, I think, what better gift could anyone give?

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