Friday, May 11, 2007


The garden seemed to be coming along pretty good until I checked it Thursday morning. That was when I noticed one row of beans were eaten off to the stems. "Rats," I said, tho I knew it was either rabbits or deer. I said a tiny apology to Rhodent and decided it was time to put up THE FENCE. I had the posts and a borrowed post driver and 100 feet of nylon (?) fencing, what more did I need?
Notice the "gate"? PVC pipe, wire fencing, and a rod in the ground. The white ribbon around the top of the fence is so Bambi can see it and not crash into it on his way thru the yard.
The asparagus is up. Honest! Ya just gotta look real close. Uh, that is an oyster shell behind the little piece of "spare-grass." Baby strawberries. And the Hermitage had its annual plant sale on Friday. I got a new rhododendron, 2 Black Beauty Huechers (Coral Bells) and another blue hosta for out front.

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~ Janice ~ said...

That garden fence and gate look great! Good job! Hope it keeps the critters out! I have two coral bells (dark) like that one..I enjoy the contrast of color in the flower bed. The rhodie is so pretty!