Saturday, April 26, 2008


ANOTHER Park, 350 miles away!
Haven't been on here in a while, but it is that time of year! The yard is demanding my time and I am so slow these days - BUT I am on my feet and doing, even if it takes forever. I will put the April garden on after I put on my week-end with Caleb. The 19th was Caleb's 7th Birthday. We have not been over to Smith Mt Lake in several years, it is a long hike from the Eastern Shore - 312 miles to be exact. It was a cloudy, stormy day, but Caleb wanted to go to the kite festival. This is his dad helping him get his Dragon up in the air. There was not much wind, just a few bursts that got everybody's hopes and kites up only to come crashing down a few minutes later.
This is as high as the huge flag and octopus got. They are on the other side of the field. We escaped just before the sky opened and the rains began!
Caleb had his birthday dinner at a local restaurant where the waitresses sang Happy Birthday to him and brought him a Birthday Mousse! He loved it!
Back at the motel, Caleb got to open his presents. He is a dinosaur enthusiast with an enormous collection. He keeps track of what he has and what has just come on the market and can give you more information... he is like a little dino text book!
Of course, one can't bring presents to just one child, even if it IS his birthday, so there were presents for younger brother Briar. And, typical of kids, half the fun was playing with the boxes! If only the postal services could move the boxes this fast!
Sunday was spent at the Science Museum and playing with a "gun" that shoots marshmallows like a blow gun! Caleb's favorite was the NASA exhibit. You can see how excited he was in my favorite room! Roanoke has some interesting architecture... this is from the window at the science museum. The new Art Gallery is on the right.

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