Sunday, April 27, 2008


It has been a while since I have updated the news from the feline sector... I don't know about you, but I enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of other people's critters, no matter what they are or what they are doing. Well, correction, it makes me sad to hear that somebody's kitty or dog is not well... funny how we become "attached" or interested in somebody elses animals hundreds of miles away. Even the Runt (a runt piggy that sleeps on somebody's sofa.. he has outgrown nestling with the kitties!)The first and most important kitty information is that Snuffy is doing well after his most recent surgery. The growth that was removed from under his tongue was found to be benign. We are so relieved! He is still on Amoxicillin, and still prefers eating baby food to cat food. At a buck for a 2.5 ounce jar of food, this is an expensive diet as he eats 3 to 4 jars a day! We call him our Platinum cat! Snuff has always had trouble breathing, and consequently eating and drinking like a "normal" cat has always been a challenge. After his surgery, putting his head down and trying to trying to lap up food was next to impossible... sooooooooooo... He used to LOVE dry food, but he doesn't even try to eat that anymore. He does expect, however, a jar to be opened after he has had a squirt of amoxicillin or his prednisone or his daily antihistimine.
The other two inside cats are fine. Rascal is, well, his usual rascally self, running and "messing" with Hadji. He seems to realize that Snuff is off limits for now. So, while Snuff is asleep on his comforter, Rascal torments Hadj - "Did you see what he just did????" and then hides to ambush him, sometimes pretending he is a possum. "See? I am invisible!!!!! HA!" He learned this trick from Snuffy who used to try to hide from him on the back of the sofa in a possum pile.

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