Sunday, September 07, 2008

HANNA Part 2

The morning after.................

From this shot, taken across the street, you can see how close the maple tree is to the wires, the power supply to the next town over, and my house. One of the vans is next to the carport - safe, but if the tree does come down, neither of us will be able to get out of the driveway. You can see how the gum tree is leaning with the weight of the maple tree.
Maybe we can save the half that is still upright. It was a pretty maple.

This is part of a tree on the east end of the property... It landed about 12 feet from the same power lines at the edge of the woods.
Same tree????? These horizontal branches should be vertical!
This is a shot to the west from last fall - maybe 11 months ago. This is from yesterday. Count the trees. The woods are impassable (to me right now,) so it will have to be winter before I get brave enough to try to go back there.
Have I mentioned how Punkin and Spook hate storms? They will probably spend the next day or two slowly taking inventory of the yard and woods. Oh, look, what is this? What are all these twigs doing here????? Now, what happened to that mouse I left here yesterday for a snack?Notice all the leaves? And it isn't even autumn here for another month or so!
Even Buddha got a present from a tree.


ancient one said...

My yard was covered in leaves and twigs, but none so big that the lawn mower couldn't take care of it. We just had to do a little raking on the driveway...don't envy you your clean-up. I'm so thankful ... it could have been worse.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Shame on me I forgot that you would be weathering Hanna. I was concerned for friends in the Carolina and then my interest shifted to Canada's maritime Provinces. I am pleased you came through it unscathed. Your Buddha did not even flinch.

Gustav ended up here and gave us a day of good rain but little wind.

It seems Ike will be a serious storm for the Gulf coast.

I know a little about Haiti and realize how that desperate country has suffered with this years storms. I wonder what kind of aid they are getting. That there should be a country so poor in our hemisphere brings shame on us all.

Ike went right through the Turks and Cacos Islands. From time to time the British colony is suggested to become part of Canada. Canadians would then have a tropical place to visit all our own. I rather like it. In fact, I wish Canada would adopt Haiti and help make things better there.

Rachel said...

Just catching up on your last 3 posts. I see Hanna stopped by to visit and she wasn't too nice, but then she wasn't as mean as she could have been, so that's a blessing.

I do hope you are feeling better. Not being able to put on your socks and do anything is awful. We do take those things for granted.