Saturday, September 06, 2008


Hanna is moving out of here... She left a bit of a mess, but Katrina puts messes in a different perspective, too. I lost a couple trees out in the woods, but that will not be a problem. This tree, however is out front by the road and next to the power lines. It came down in the 52 mph wind. If it slips away from the gum tree that is currently holding it, or if the gum tree snaps, power will be gone to a lot of people. So, we are holding our breath, hoping the tree holds until the power people come and cut it back. I know these are not very good shots, but it was still raining and blowing... and I am still not walking all that well.

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ancient one said...

Photos are fine. Looks like you got more wind than us... we just got yard debris.. We were blessed beyond measure..