Thursday, October 16, 2008



There is a crispness in the air most days now that hasn’t been here for a while. The mornings remind me I need a jacket – if only for an hour or two – and that it soon will be time to dig the warmer clothes out of the closet. The furnace has been cutting itself on early in the morning. The days are comfortable, the kind that make you feel like working out in the yard getting the chore done before it gets too cold to do much. It is perfect weather to paint the outdoor furniture, wheelbarrows, or put a coat of Woodlife on the barns.
The leaves are starting to fall even though the colors haven’t changed much. The redbud has some golden leaves and the dogwood is wearing some deep red. But the greatest color is found in the early fall camellias and the azaleas that brighten up the landscape.

There are a few zinnias here and there; they pop up like wildflowers anymore.
The camellias out front are up to roof level.
It seems reds and purples, pink and deep magentas are the colors wherever one turns, even on the cactus.
The butterfly population has thinned; most of the migrants have passed on to the south. There are still clouds of birds every once in a while and sometimes the air is filled with bird song mingling with the crickets and other 6 legged creatures chirping thru the days and nights.
Interestingly, the honeysuckle is in bloom again… some days the breeze is heavy with its fragrance, a wonderful change from the burning fields, burning plastic, burning tomato plants. Oh, the tons of food we waste in this country. No wonder we having problems – the waste, the waste. My own tomatoes are still quite fine. This plant is in a big pot and I will pull it in onto the carport before the first frost, put a plastic bag over it, and hopefully, have fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas.

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ancient one said...

Such beauty in your little corner of the world... we still have some green tomatoes... we are hoping they will ripen.. but if not fried green will be coming up... Thanks for sharing your beauty.