Wednesday, October 22, 2008



Yesterday was supposedly the last warm day for a while with temps in the mid 60s, so I figured it was my last chance to get a few chores done. The last of the hoses were finally drained and coiled up. I couldn’t help but be grateful I had only a few hoses out and in use this year. One year, the year I planted all the Crape Myrtles along the road, I eventually had over 500 feet of hose stretched from the house along the edge of the woods. It still did not make it to the end, but it was closer... or close enough to fill a bucket and not have to walk too far. It was a huge help compared to dragging wagon loads of water bottles down to the thirsty plants as I had to do all winter. I believe it was the driest summer we had had in decades – just my luck! Draining and putting away 500 feet of hose was definitely a challenge. I had only 200 feet to work with this year.
That done, I started cleaning out my tiny green house. It is only 4 feet high, 4 feet long, and 3 feet wide, made out of scrap lumber and Plexiglas. It is heated, on VERY cold nights, by a drop light in a bucket, seen in the front by the door. It is amazing how many plants I can cram into this tiny space, from a HUGE Aloe plant in the back that is too big for me to move or bring in the house anymore, to my Christmas cactus collection that will stay in the greenhouse until they are ready to bloom – usually around Thanksgiving. The geraniums and impatiens will bloom all winter long and provide a bit of color on the days when there are not any camellias in bloom.
Currently the camellias have gotten off to a roaring start. In addition to the pics from the other day, the Ice Angels have opened, and looking out the window, I see a bloom on Yuletide! That bush doesn’t usually start until December – well, duh, look at its name. Sigh.
The tomato plant (from a couple of days ago) is now in the wagon sitting next to the greenhouse, all snug in a plastic lawn bag, waiting for me to get up enough energy to lift it out… that won’t be today. I hurt my back a bit getting it in the wagon – and this little wagon does not have a removable door like the old one that has finally lost a wheel, so I can’t just slide it out and let gravity help.
More fall azaleas have opened. What a beautiful time of year! I have enjoyed seeing the snow on a couple of blogs, but right now, I will stick with the azaleas and camellias.

I had to have the guy who installed my gas logs come by and “get them working.” The logs would come on and burn for about 30 seconds, then, poof, nothing. Seems some dust had gotten on the nozzle and the tiny air vent next to the pilot light. DUST???? IN MY HOUSE????? THE THOUGHT OF IT BLOWS MY MIND!!!!!!! Yeah, right! I actually did use the little dust brush and thought I had cleaned the cobwebs and stuff out before I tried to light the fire a few nights ago… really, I did! But apparently one has to use compressed air to blow the important parts clean, dusting with a little dust pan and brush can actually make things worse. Well, duh, one more time. Who’d a thunk that! But at least I had the BIG cobwebs out so it didn’t look TOO bad. I mean, with 3 cats in the house, and one of them a long hair, a house is only going to be but so clean anyway, right? And I bet you know how I love to dust!!!!
So, we can be warm and cozy in the evenings and save turning the big furnace on a while longer and not worry about the plants. And in the morning, I can wake up to the amazing camellias so filled with blooms, people have been pulling in my driveway to ask what they are. I must say they are loaded this year, and they are now over 12 feet tall, so they are a bit impressive, even if I say so myself.
So, for those of you who are snowed in, enjoy my flowers and I will enjoy your snow - from a safe distance!


EV said...

Gorgeous photos - what great place! Althought, I did get a bit tuckered just reading about all your hard work. ;0)

ancient one said...

Your love for your plants shows in the beauty you create.. I need a small greenhouse...Yours sounds so interesting.

Ralph said...

I am sure the dust was tracked in by someone was visiting.
200 feet of hose is still a lot, 500 feet may set a record in Ripley's believe it or not.