Friday, November 21, 2008


Here on the Eastern Shore of VA, it almost NEVER snows before Christmas - and I swear I do not remember it ever snowing before Thanksgiving! And to think I almost missed it...

I was lazy this morning. It has been a hard week... first losing Snuffy, then getting my Lymes disease diagnosis... so I kinda over slept this morning, to put it mildly! I did drag my lazy bones out of bed at 7, looked out the window and thought I saw something coming down... but there was no snow on anything except one roof looked like it had a little frost. I started my new morning routine- coffee pot on, turn on computer, open curtains next to computer... I looked out the window again, frowning - Gee that looks like snow! The snow you see in these pictures which looks like NOTHING to most of you, I know, happened in the time it took me to brush my teeth, get on some jeans and shoes, grab the camera, cat food, a jacket and get out the door. You are not allowed to go out first thing in the morning without feeding Punkin and Spook! If they are coming out of their heated nest box, there had better be a good reason, and food is the only reason they can think of.
For those of you not from here, it is quite possible to go for years with NO snow at all. I was raised in the Pocono Mountains of PA, then Maine, and finally Ankara, Turkey where we had some amazing snow! So when it snows here, it is exciting! And often, it does not last but a few minutes. In fact, in the time it has taken to upload my pictures and type this - well, OK, I had to do a couple other things - but it is an hour later and the snow is almost gone. sigh..... Anyway, here it is on my new pansies, on the digitalis, the columbine, and a camellia. I love the patterns of a light snow on different leaves. Maybe you figured that out.
It is now almost 9 o'clock... it is raining... it is 37 degrees... looks like the morning fun is over.


ancient one said...

Yay... you got snow..and enough to talk about...LOL

My husband came in to wake me and I saw some snow.. we just got snow flurries.. none stuck.. so I have no evidence like you. The snow on your pretty plants is wonderful.

Daughter from close to Greensboro said she had some on the ground today...

I never remember snow in November either...

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Did you get the snow I sent your way!!!

It missed me here but it got southwestern, Ontario to the tune of 1 1/2 feet of snow. South of the Great lakes in the US got a goodly amount.

How did you get Lyme desease. Have you been running in the woods with the deer?

I hope you get treated successfully for it.