Tuesday, November 04, 2008


ELECTION DAY - Well, I have done my thing – or at least the first part of it. This will be an all day and most of the night thing, actually. I cast my vote at 6:10 AM. It was raining. There were people standing in line in the rain. It did my heart good, even though one of the guys behind me has a McCain sign in his yard across the street from my 4’x8’ Obama/Biden sign. My property runs for the first 1/10th of a mile as you come into town (or leave it!) and so it gets a lot of signs every time we have an election.
I did see a good number of Democrats – I was glad, because the Republicans put signs up in the shopping areas that said, “Due to the anticipated large turn out, Republicans will vote on Nov. 4th, Democrats on Nov. 5th.” That is just so sad! Pitiful!!!! Damn!!! (sorry)
After voting, I showed off my Canadian T-shirt to my friends, saying, “Just in case things don’t work out the way I want them to.” Ya gotta keep a sense of humor in times like this. We all had a chuckle. What I didn’t mention is the spare room that has been offered to me at a fellow blogger’s house. He told me to bring my 650 feet of garden hose, he sure could use it! Good thing I have a big van! Lets hope I don’t need to take him up on his offer!

Next we set up a tent – an open thing we could sit under with voting info, sample ballots, etc. the rain stopped. Thanks for the tent, Pat!!!!!

I know we need the rain, but just not today, Lord. Aren’t we awful??? I was grateful there was no wind and the temps were in the bottom of the 60s. It is in the low 40s in Maine and Pennsylvania.
My friend Rose showed up to take the first shift. I will go back for the 10-12 as that person had to go to Massachusetts for a funeral. Then I have to run to the church and be back for the 2-5 shift. Rose’s husband and I will make a pizza run for an open house at his place and some election watching. We should know about the local – state elections by 9, but I have no idea when the presidential results will be in. Long after I am asleep, I’m afraid.

My hope is for healing – not just for this country – but for the world. Oh, my, what we have done? So many lives shattered and all because of lies. I know, I have tried to keep this blog non- political, just like I have tried not to take sides in religion, though most everyone who reads this regularly or who knows me, knows I am a Unitarian or maybe even a Buddhist. OH, MY! After all, there are frequently pictures of one or the other Buddhas in my yard or one of the St Francis – I mean Saint Fwankie’s in the yard. All I want is Peace. But will there ever be an end to the greed and struggle for Power in my life time???? I try to visualize a world of peace. That has been difficult lately with all the hateful lies on TV and the radio and shopping centers. Or almost every time I open my email… sigh.

I had to put my small signs in places too uncomfortable to steal from – this Obama sign is under a pyracantha. Beautiful bush – treacherous thorns! This one has not been stolen!!!!!

On the way to the polls this morning, I heard that Obama’s grandmother died. I was raised by my grandmother – I truly feel for him. If you want a link to send your condolences - http://mudflats.wordpress.com/ has a section to send your sympathy to him.

Pray for PEACE.


Marla said...

As I am posting they just declared Obama the winner! I can't say that I am at all suprised!

ancient one said...

Congratulations on voting for the winner! You will not have to move to Canada. Your hose is safe. LOL