Friday, March 06, 2009


Hadji had company yesterday. A very special young Lady came to visit him. It was her first visit, not because she NEEDED to see a therapy cat, but because she LOVES kitty cats, well, and ponies. Her daddy is a friend of mine and we share books, mostly about Buddhism, and he has seen Hadji in his scarf. Hadji gets frustrated when he stops by because he does not sit on Hadji's "Therapy" couch! LOL! But yesterday, I told him that if he wanted Hadji to visit with his daughter, they would have to sit on the couch. What an experience! This is a very intelligent and insightful young lady. I don't know when I have ever met a child with this much innate sense of what to do, how to behave, let alone a 4 year old. The Princess sat on the couch very quietly while Hadji walked back and forth. He is not used to children. Snuffy was the one who would come and allow himself to be played with, or Punkin would if we were outside. Hadji walked back and forth. Hmmmmmm, someone was on HIS couch. They MUST need some lovin'! So, he got up and looked over the situation, Hmmmmmm, 2 people on his sofa. He jumped up. Nobody grabbed for him. Oh! So he sat down. Still, no one made a move. He flopped onto his side, peeking up toward the people. Nothing. So he wiggled up toward them... First came Daddy's hand. Oh, that was good... slowly a little hand reached over a lightly brushed his ear. He wiggled harder, closer. She giggled. Finally 2 hands, one on each ear! Then his neck! Ohhhhh, Heaven. The perfect touch! His eyes closed in happiness.

I had to wonder, was it Hadji finally getting Therapy this time?????


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

What an adorable child. . . . .the cat is cute too.

Marla said...

What a darling little girl!