Monday, March 02, 2009



Don't make fun of our little bit of snow. Especially when there is ice under it, the temps are around 29 degrees, and the wind is howling!Plus, they say we will have more as the day goes on. As I type this, the snow has stopped. We have had a few extremely brief bursts of sunshine, a couple that did not last but seconds. Teasers of sunlight! The daffodils were ready to bloom. The few blooming crocus are actually under the snow so I can't show you them. But, I DO have birds! The first shot of the morning, around 6:30 shows the snow blowing sideways and the birds struggling to get on the blowing feeders.The carport was snowy - there was snow all the way up on the steps, but not down in Spook's warm box. He did come out to eat, but went right back to bed. Poor Punkin, bless his heart, followed me around the yard yowling about the wind, the cold and the snow. Poor baby!

Both Buddhas looked a bit chilly, even wrapped in a blanket of snow.

But best of all were the birds. The cardinals were out in big numbers. If you look carefully, you can see 8 Papa cardinals and I am not sure how many females in the big camellia bush out back. If it is red, it is a male cardinal. This bush is a late bloomer, so these are not flowers. These cardinals were shot out of my bathroom window.

A female close up - thru the front window.

The camellia next to the carport had started blooming again. I love the contrast of the snow on the camelliasKnow how to melt the ice on your sidewalk or driveway? Throw out a bag of birdseed. This is about 5 lbs of cracked corn and about 2 lbs of birdseed. In about a half an hour, the ice is melting from them picking thru the ice to get the seed up - and maybe they have hot feet????? The doves actually sit on the ice, and that helps. It was tough to get good shots because the camera movement scared most of the birds away, and it was too cold to stand out there and wait for the flock to return. Just take my word for it - this is just a few of the birds out there.
It has started to snow again, tho not heavily... The yard is filled with grackles and red-winged black birds, fighting the little guys off the feeders. I must remember, they are hungry, too.


ancient one said...

Nothing going on here...windy yes... a flake now and then...nothing sticking... Loved all those red birds..

Ralph said...

That picture with the cardinal is great. We just had our driest February in recorded history. I'm okay with that - with each passing year I like snow less and less.

Marla said...

Wow, all of those cardinals. I just love cardinals. I have a few every year, but not as many as you do!