Sunday, May 03, 2009

GINger and Fred

It's Baby Season!
Nope, not Lucy's... These 2 were hatched down by the cotton GIN - hence their names - GINger and Fred, of course... Actually, I have no way of knowing which is male or female - but, what the heck. I doubt they will get teased about their names as they get older, right? And this is their mom, GINny. She brought them down to the office to show them off. Well, maybe she heard the rumor that someone was serving corn to hungry mothers, but I wouldn't know about that. Just a silly rumor. You know how rumors start. Might be she was after bugs. Nice juicy spring bugs.We are waiting to see what comes out of Lucy's nest. The boss man went by to take a peek - not a good idea. Lucky came storming after him and Lucy "bit" his shoe. Don't wanna go out there in sandals now, do we?


Marla said...

Nice photos. Baby geese are so cute!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Nice pictures of mom and goslings. Got me wondering how the Eagles were doing?