Wednesday, May 06, 2009



Sorry I have not had baby eagle pictures on here for a while… you would not believe how busy I have been. Well, OK, maybe busy is not the right word… Ummm, let me see… the truth is, I have been having a tough time keeping it together. I'M GETTING OLD!
The eagle babies are branching right now. This means they are often on a near-by branch, flapping their wings, dreaming of flying, and out of camera range. This one is covering his food,

another sign of maturity.

The ospreys have 3 eggs. Mama is waiting patiently. You will notice she has a much nicer nest this year. Guess they grew up, too, over the winter.
Spring has sprung here on the Shore. That means gardens to be taken care of, grass to cut, weeds to pull… Buddha looks like he is sitting in a jungle! Then add to it a couple sick cats, trips to the vet’s, an almost trip to Roanoke to celebrate Caleb’s 8th birthday (as in van packed, reservations made, 4 cats at the vet’s) and we got a phone call the night before we were to leave that Caleb’s cold was NOT better – in fact it had turned to pneumonia.

But, what would I do without my friends? One friend built a stand-up garden for me… I do have a few plants in it now and seeds in pots, as one of my little friends said, “Waiting to hatch.”

Civic duties have been ramped up, town meetings, party meetings, spring plans… And, my computer seems to have slowed down even more as my frustration level has gone up. Then there are loved ones in Crisis… and the frustration and helplessness that goes along with that. When I am not saying my OM Mani Padme Hum's I am saying the Serenity Prayer… Sometimes it seems everything just happens at once. Maybe I am just getting too old to handle it all!
Anyway, to catch you up with things… here are a few shots of this Little Corner of the World.

Punkin and Spook are very happy to be back home after having spent some serious time being separated while one or the other one was getting meds at the vet’s. Usually Spook spends his days mostly hidden, either in the tool shed (it has rained everyday for weeks it seems) or out in the woods where I can only catch a glimpse of him. Punkin tucks himself into parts of the garden closer to the house, to keep his eye on his people, and stays there until the rain gets too heavy for me to go out with the camera. It was misting as I took this shot on my way to check the rain gauge.
We had a very gutsy little visitor on the carport. I am used to the bluejays coming up and stealing the boy’s food, but one day, I saw something I could not believe. Mighty Mouse – or mighty vole or shrew… the little stinker would sneak in behind their dry food dish, pop up grab a bite of food and hide behind the dish to eat it, then pop up again. This little dude seems to have more, ummm, more athletic equipment than brains… HEY, DUDE, THAT'S THE CAT'S DISH!
Just got a phone call phone call. Another clutch of goose eggs has hatched, not Lucy’s, yet, she got a late start… but another mama has waddled her new 5 over to the pond. Pictures when we can get them… this is not a good time to go chasing after her, not on their first outing.
OK, I guess we are caught up, sorta…


ancient one said...

I know the feeling of being to old to keep up with the things going a friend in the hospital.. and the new rules say no one can visit anyone there unless they are immediate family and no one under 12 and no ministers... has to do with the swine flu... so I'll just have to send a card or try to see if she wants to talk on the rained most of the day yesterday and started out with showers today... and just down the road from here tornados were doing their thing yesterday...

Ginnie said...

It sure doesn't seem like you're "too old to keep up" ...that's quite an array of things happening in your world.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

great pics, and who would believe a mouse brave enough to eat from the Cat's bowl?---PHEENOMENAL!!