Thursday, October 22, 2009



First and foremost, let me thank Connie at W. Va. Fur and Root for the award. It is with humility and gratitude that I receive this gift! However, I have no idea how to post it – I assume that is what I am supposed to do – or even how to get it. I am technologically very challenged, you see. I have been given awards before and even changed my whole blog layout from one I really liked to this one in order to be able to post awards and lists of people, blogs I follow and other things… I have even paid for a couple very expensive phone calls to bloggers trying to walk me thru the process. We came to the conclusion – my computer – or my connection – just will not do this. I have a very slow dial up connection. VERY SLOW. Watching a 3 minute youtube might take an hour to load. There are some videos that just simply will not download. I am on the Planning Commission – when I get sent a copy of the zoning ordinance, for example, and I click open – I can go out and cut the grass, go buy groceries, and the screen is still blank when I come back in. I have to beg someone else to print a copy for me. Very humiliating.
So, for those of you who appreciate my little blog – I do thank you. It makes it all worth while. The purpose of the blog is to share a little joy, a little beauty, a smile with anyone who wants to look. I try not to push any political agenda other than Peace or any religious agenda other than Love and Compassion for all – even for those who hate my guts because I do not believe exactly the way they do – or who criticize me because I do not attend their church.
I try to dwell on the things in life that bring peace, not sorrow. I strive to keep in mind how good it is to be able to have the simple things, to be able to DO the simplest of things. I have friends who, when they know I am struggling (I have Lymes Disease) ask me if I’ve got my socks on. That is our measurement for how well I am doing, because one day I only managed to get one sock on – and carried the other around in my pocket incase someone came by – I would have let them help me put it on. But I got everything else on! I was up, on my feet, even though my feet numbered 6 that day, 2 of them with wheels. (Don’tcha love walkers with wheels and seats? And if you have never had to use one, there is your bit of gratitude for the day!) My philosophy is to always look for the bright spot and not dwell in the shadows – unless the sun is too hot and it is 90 degrees!
Today, I dressed myself and managed to do the dishes, feed the cats. The walker is parked somewhere, the cane is still beside my bed, one is in the car… wheelchair is in the barn. It is a good day! A little while ago I heard from my good blogger friend, Philip, in Ontario, that it is snowing at his place. (Tossing Pebbles in the Stream) Now, I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I think it is beautiful, magical… but I live in the South – not the DEEP South, but in Virginia, and on the coast. Snow is rare. OK, maybe not rare, ummm, well, we can go for several years with no snow at all, or we can get a serious snow storm and a couple feet! But, that is rare! As I read his letter, I looked out the window and then at the thermometer – the sun is shining, it is in the low 60s. Heaven must be about this temperature.
It made it up to the lower 70s yesterday. I went out to take a look at the awesome flowers blooming in the yard. We had an “almost frost” here a couple days ago. An “almost frost” means my neighbors got frost, but my trees kept my place safe. That means my neighbors can now use the term Indian Summer, since one has to have a frost, supposedly a killing frost, before one can accurately use that term. One little open area did get a touch of frost, I guess… this mini rose looks a tad bruised around the edges. Wow, in reality, this little rose as about the size of a 50 cent piece. The red mums look faded, but the yellow ones are still bright and cheerful. The true frost reporter is the impatiens. They are still nice as is the Strobilanthes. The fall camellias are really turning on. It is one reason why I stay here. I can’t imagine not having camellias pretty much all winter. This is Ice Angel. The bees are busy getting their last bit of pollen before the cold temps knock them out again. The daisies by Buddha were filled with busy bees and butterflies. See the fall azalea? This azalea is next to the Beauty Berry Bush. The Adirondacks are still out, I will have a sit in one of them later – might even eat lunch out there. While everyone else had frost yesterday, I had a heavy dew. Pretty isn’t it? Even weeds can be pretty in the frost. This one was pretty just with the sunlight and dew. In case you think I am making too much of the sunlight – we had a solid 6 days of rain last week and over the week-end, temps in the 50s to barely 60, and over 3 inches of rain. The sun is very welcome! One other result of all the rain, however, is a plethora of mushrooms. I found this little family while cleaning out my ground level birdbath. Note the violets are in bloom again! The stone is from my back yard in the Poconos. We have no stones here - they are all imports!
So, my gratitude list and my gifts to be shared today are all these pictures and more, the fact that I was able to get outside and take these pictures, that I have a yard considered by many to be an uncontrolled jungle, by others a place of beauty in all seasons. I might mention my gratitude for an amazing camera that helps me to take these great shots – well, those that are great… and the friend that ignored my request for no Christmas presents last year and gave me this Nikon. She said it was embarrassing to watch me drool every time the Nikon commercial came on, and the whimpering broke her heart…

I am grateful for all of you who share your lives with me - your flowers, your puppies, your new kittens... This is Lynn's newest family member - (not yet named - any suggestions?)I am grateful for my little companion, Punkin, who accompanies me on my photo shoots (and everything else outside!) I am grateful for all of you who read my blog – for those of you who comment on the blog as well as those of you who email or phone me. You know this blog is a labor of love – (this post took 3 hours) - love to be shared. And I am grateful for those of you who call (or email) when you haven’t seen or heard from me… and especially for those of you who answer your phones when I have fallen and can’t get back up. It is humiliating to have to call someone when you are sprawled out on the ground, but then I am reminded of my gratitude for my telephone service… and my chiropractor who has been putting things back together (and keeping me out of the wheelchair most of the time) for over 20 years. Thank you Susan!
I am so fortunate to have so many caring friends in my life. I would try to name you all – but I would not know which name to start with… Each friend is special in his or her own special way. I am grateful for you all – you are all gifts!


ancient one said...

Well, I am grateful for your long three hour post.. and I know how grateful you are for the sunshing and warmth... 'cause I feel the same .... Last week was a dreary one wasn't it? Your beauty berry bush is so pretty ... and all the other photos warmed my heart... Thanks!

W. Va. Fur and Root said...

Dial-up is horrible, but it's better than no connection at all.

If I can help (I could email the award jpg), let me know.