Saturday, April 03, 2010


This has been a slow spring getting here after an amazing cold snowy winter, but all of a sudden, everything started to bloom at once. The red camellias that usually bloom off and on all winter did not get a chance to bloom in December, January or February, so they are really doing their thing now... but the strange thing is - they last camellias to bloom, especially Red Emperor (12 feet tall) that doesn't bloom until April as a rule, are blooming right along with the earlier ones - and they are over loaded with blooms! The white camellia bush which is over 10 feet tall now, is just loaded with blooms. This one is up over the roof...I keep cutting the peppermint camellia back - it is in front of the electric meter - but it too, is big and loaded. My favorite, Pink Perfection, is just getting started. I was afraid it was going to drown this winter. It often was standing in a lake. But, the camellias are awesome! Likewise, the daffodils all opened at the same time except for the very late ones, and I don't know when I have seen so many blooms at once in my yard. Last year, Bobbie gave me 5 flats of pansies... i put them in and they disappeared under the snow. I was sure they had frozen to death - but not so! I have bunches of pansies in bloom all over the place. What a joy! But, one of my greatest delights is having vases and vases of flowers in the house. I love to smell them when I walk into a room and see their brightness on a table. Meanwhile, at our place in the Poconos - they had - SNOW! Yep, this was last Tuesday from the webcam a few miles from our house. Here, we had another 2 1/2 inches of rain. It has been so wet, our fungus is growing fungus. Go figure! But, get ready - the azaleas and iris will be opening soon! And I think I see little purple bumps on the Redbud out the window. Next week the veggie garden gets started. Oh MY!